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The High priestess of Lolth (Blue 'h')
=== Num:301 Lev:25 Rar:3 Spd:+10 Hp:20d20 Ac:75 Exp:500
A figure in black robes whose allegiance to Lolth, the Queen of the Spiders, is greater than to her own race. This evil creature moves normally. She is always created sluggish. She is magical, casting spells which produce magic missiles, confuse, heal-self, create darkness, summon a monster or summon spiders; 1 time in 6. She can open doors and bash down doors. She is hurt by bright light. She resists poison. She cannot be confused or slept. She is fairly observant of intruders, which she may notice from 150 feet. She will carry one or two objects. She can hit to attack with damage 1d7, hit to attack with damage 1d7, and hit to attack with damage 3d8. (Gumband 2.2.3)

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