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The Lamia (Slate 'u')
=== Num:1203 Lev:23 Rar:4 Spd:+0 Hp:25d10 Ac:15 Exp:160
A demonic woman-headed serpent, hungering for mortal flesh and souls. This evil demon is normally found on dungeon level 23, and moves at normal speed, but is more powerful deeper in the dungeon. Destruction of this creature is worth 3680.00 points for a 1st level character. She is dangerous at her native depth. She is magical, casting spells intelligently which invoke darkness storms, teleport-self to or curse you ; 1 time in 5. She can open doors and bash down doors. She is immune to cold and poison. She resists magical spells and the effects of rods, staffs and wands. She cannot be frightened. She takes quite a while to see intruders, which she may notice from 200 feet. She may carry a weapon , armour, written item or treasure. She can bite to lower experience (by 20d6+) with damage 1d9, crush to attack with damage 3d6, touch to reduce constitution, and touch to reduce dexterity and agility. (UnAngband 0.6.2)

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