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The Mummy king (Orange 'M')
=== Num:595 Lev:59 Rar:4 Spd:+10 Hp:1600 Ac:85 Exp:450000
A great and ancient king, arisen to reclaim his dominion. It is normally found on dungeon level 59, and moves quickly. A kill of this intelligent evil undead creature is worth 450000 experience points for a 1st level character. It usually appears with escorts. It may breathe disease, darkness or force, and is also magical, casting spells which cause mortal wounds, produce nether bolts or summon similar monsters; 1 time in 5. It has an armor rating of 85 and a average life rating of 1600. It can open doors, bash down doors, bore through walls and destroy weaker monsters. It is cold blooded. It is not detected by telepathy. It cannot be frightened, put to sleep, blinded, confused or poisoned. It resists acid, cold, poison, disease, darkness, nether and force. It tends to overlook intruders, which it may notice from 200 feet. It may carry up to 4 objects or treasures. It can hit to spread disease with damage 4d8, hit to spread disease with damage 4d8, and touch to rot with damage 4d7. (EyAngband 0.5.2)

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