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The Pink Parasite (L.Red 'I')
=== Num:1271 Lev:23 Rar:7 Spd:+5 Hp:100 Ac:68 Exp:160
A spined and ferocious insect: its proboscis tastes the air and its head unerringly turns to you; leaping off walls and ceilings, it runs at you to implant its children in your still warm flesh. This insect is normally found on dungeon level 23, and moves quickly, but is larger deeper in the dungeon. A kill of this creature is worth 3680.00 points for a 1st level character. It is deadly at its native depth. It may shoot you with a spike to attack with damage 7d6, or release spores to reduce strength with damage 5d6; 1 time in 4, and is also magical, casting spells intelligently which become invisible, teleport-self to or become beserk; 1 time in 4. It can bash down doors, climb on walls and ceilings and swim under water. It is immune to acid and poison. It cannot be confused, charmed or slept. It prefers to ignore intruders, which it may notice from 300 feet. It usually appears in groups. It can bite to attack with damage 3d6, sting to attack with damage 3d6, and release spores to reduce strength with damage 5d6. (UnAngband 0.6.2)

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