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The Redcap (Red 'f')
=== Num:260 Lev:17 Rar:3 Spd:+0 Hp:50 Ac:35 Exp:1400
One of the most despicable of the evil faeries, he gets his name as he dyes his cap in the blood of his victims. He is normally found on dungeon level 17, and moves at normal speed. A kill of this intelligent evil faery creature is worth 1400 experience points for a 1st level character. He may fire arrows. He is magical, casting spells without chance of failure which blink randomly or create moderate traps; 1 time in 7. He has an armor rating of 35 and a average life rating of 50. He can open doors, pick locks and pick up objects. He is rarely detected by telepathy. He cannot be put to sleep, made to bleed or confused. He is observant of intruders, which he may notice from 250 feet. He may carry an object or treasure. He can hit to attack with damage 2d7, and hit to attack with damage 2d7. (EyAngband 0.5.2)

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