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[U] Yibb-Tstll, the Patient One (L.Dark 'P')
=== Num:706 Lev:46 Rar:2 Spd:+10 Hp:2079 Ac:100 Exp:16000
pulpy, glistening head!" This sanity-blasting creature moves normally, but does not deign to chase intruders. It is always created sluggish. It may breathe chaos, nexus or toxic waste powerfully, and is also magical, casting spells intelligently which create darkness, raise dead, summon a demon or summon an undead; 1 time in 4. It regenerates quickly. It resists acid, lightning, fire, cold and poison. It takes a while to see intruders, which it may notice from 200 feet. It will carry up to 12 good objects. It can touch to reduce all stats with damage 1d166, and touch to reduce all stats with damage 1d166. (T.o.M.E. 2.3.5)

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