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[U] the Watcher of Cirith Ungol (Slate 'g')
=== Num:641 Lev:42 Rar:9 Spd:+10 Hp:60d200 Ac:40 Exp:4000
It looks like a great figure seated upon a throne, with three joined bodies and three vulture-like heads. It seems to be carved out of huge blocks of stone, immovable, and yet strangely aware of your presence. The black stones of its eyes glitter with its dreadful will. Visible or invisible, none shall pass by this guardian. This creature is normally found on dungeon level 42, and moves quickly, but does not deign to chase intruders. Destroying this creature is worth 168000.00 points for a 1st level character. It is over powered at its native depth. It may gaze to terrify with damage 5d8, gaze to paralyze with damage 5d8, do something weird to reduce strength with damage 5d8, or gaze to confuse with damage 5d8; 1 time in 5, and is also magical, casting spells which drain mana, cause mind blasting, cause wounds, probe your weaknesses, summon monsters or summon Greater Undead; 1 time in 5. It can bash down doors. It is cold blooded. It is not detected by telepathy. It is hurt by rock remover . It is immune to acid, fire, cold and poison. It resists water and nexus. It cannot be frightened, confused, charmed or slept. It is fairly observant of intruders, which it may notice from 420 feet. It can gaze to terrify with damage 5d8, gaze to paralyze with damage 5d8, and gaze to confuse with damage 5d8. (UnAngband 0.6.2)

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