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PosChengband 3.5.0 released 14th August 2015 (home page)
The latest release of PosCheng has too many changes for the front page, you'll just have to see the announcement post.
7.9.2015 13:01.

Angband 4.0.0 released 29th June 2015 (home page)
After a lengthy code restructure, the first in the Angband 4.x series has emerged, with no gameplay changes. See the announcement post and then pin your ears back, we're in for a wild ride.
29.6.2015 23:00.

Angband 3.5.1 released 4th January 2015 (Home Page)
A bugfix to the widely-admired 3.5.0 release has now emerged. See the announcement post for details, update, play.
4.1.2015 10:07.

Sil 1.2 released 3 January 2014 (home page)
The latest version of Sil appeared like clockwork on Tolkien's birthday featuring chasms! and some other stuff. This was speedily followed up by version 1.2.1. Visit the home page to get the latest.
12.1.2014 21:39.

Angband 3.5.0 released 24th December 2014 (home page)
After a lot of development work, the latest version of Angband hits the streets, with one of the longest changelists ever. Read the announcement post for full details, and then get downloading from the home page.
12.1.2014 21:31.

PosChengband 3.0.0 released 7th November 2013 (home page)
The latest version of the all-inclusive juggernaut PosChengband has appeared, featuring continuously explorable wilderness, and big changes to ego items and dungeon generation. For more details, read the announcement thread.
10.11.2013 21:24.

NPPMoria and NPPAngband 7.1.0 released 20th October 2013 (home page)
The final version of the two-in-one NPPAngband and NPPMoria were released in an utterly peeve-free extravaganza. For more details read the announcement post.
10.11.2013 21:24.

FAangband 1.4 released 30th June 2013 (home page)
This version of FAangband features an optional classic-Angband-style dungeon, and many interface improvements. For more details, read the announcement thread.
30.6.2013 14:39.

NPPAngband 6.1.0 released 17 Feb 2013 (download page)
The latest NPPAngband has improved display and some gameplay tweaks, along with bugfixes. Read the announcement post and the changelist for more details.
27.2.2013 22:03.

Halls of Mist 1.3.2 released 15 Jan. 2013 (announcement post)
The New Year's deluge of releases continues with the latest version of Mikko Lehtinen's Halls of Mist. Lots of bugfixes and balancing, plus some changes to how the Mist works.
20.1.2013 01:11.

Neoband 0.0.1 released 13 Jan. 2013 (home page))
In a good day for *banding, Therem Harth released Neoband 0.0.1, a variant based on Angband 3.2.0 featuring bookless spellcasting and greater monster/item density. We watch with interest.
20.1.2013 01:11.

PosChengband 1.0.0 released 13 Jan. 2013 (home page)
Chris of Chengband fame has released what might be regarded as the ultimate variant, with the fusion of all the craziness of Chengband, Posband and RePosband.
20.1.2013 01:11.

Sil 1.1.1 released Jan 3 2013 (home page)
The latest version of Sil was released on the first anniversary of the first Sil release, and the twelvety-first anniversary of Tolkien's birth. Headline changes are a new melee ability and some tweaks to others, changed damage progression for bows and some new artefacts.
20.1.2013 01:11.

FAangband 1.3 (download page)
The latest release of First Age Angband features a compressed wilderness map and a "hard mode" with more interesting rooms, pits and vaults. It also has (fairly) full support for Shockbolt's 64x64 tiles, and the latest OS-specific code stolen from Angband.
28.10.2012 11:08.

Halls of Mist 1.3.1/1.3.0 (download links here)
Halls of Mist 1.3.1 has been released by owner/maintainer Mikko Lehtinen on October 17, following shortly after 1.3.0 on the 14th and 1.2.3 on the 5th. Development has really taken off, and the new version includes Ironband style mana (refreshes on new levels), simplified proficiencies and mist phantasms that attack you if you dawdle too long. Also, check out the Halls of Mist competition that starts on October 20th.
19.10.2012 14:27.

PWMAngband released Sep 17. 2012 (download page)
PWMAngband, a multiplayer variant, has been released by maintainer PowerWyrm. The new version includes all the relevant gameplay improvements in Vanilla 3.4.0 as well as tons of new changes including a new summoner class, rings of polymorphing that let you play as a monster and a new item order system at the Expensive Black Market.
19.9.2012 14:28.

Angband v3.4.0 released Sep 14, 2012 (download page)
Angband v3.4.0 is now available courtesy of the Angband dev-team. The new version has some significant upgrades including a beautiful new 64x64 tile set by Shockbolt, new pits, and "fuzzy" item detection. There have also been many additional changes, and all of us on the dev-team hope you enjoy this newest version.
14.9.2012 23:37.

Halls of Mist released Sep 13, 2012 (announcement post with downloads)
Halls of Mist (the successor to FayAngband) has been released by Mikko Lehtinen. It's not just a name change; the game has a complete thematic and gameplay overhaul too detailed for a news post. Some hints can be gained from the development blog and the links in the announcement post, but really you just need to play it.
14.9.2012 09:44.

Sil 1.1 released Sep 3, 2012 (download page)
Sil Version 1.1 has just been released by maintainer duo Half and Scatha. Sil is set in the First Age of Middle-earth and includes a complete overhaul of combat mechanics, player stats and skills, monsters and items as well as a novel equipment forging system. The new version includes many new artefacts, new monsters, and extensive tweaks to improve gameplay. Sil has been very highly acclaimed by players and has even inspired an ongoing let's play.
8.9.2012 13:04.

ToME4 beta40 released May 10, 2012
The newest two releases beta40 and beta39 of the popular spin-off ToME4, Tale of Maj'Eyal, have just been announced by maintainer DarkGod in quick succession. ToME4 was the Roguelike of the Year in 2010 and 2011, and that should be enough reason for you to check it out. The gameplay change-lists for the new versions are incredibly large and includes some new talent trees, new weapons, and a complete reworking of wands.
12.5.2012 22:28.

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