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FAangband 1.3 (download page)
The latest release of First Age Angband features a compressed wilderness map and a "hard mode" with more interesting rooms, pits and vaults. It also has (fairly) full support for Shockbolt's 64x64 tiles, and the latest OS-specific code stolen from Angband.
28.10.2012 11:08.

Halls of Mist 1.3.1/1.3.0 (download links here)
Halls of Mist 1.3.1 has been released by owner/maintainer Mikko Lehtinen on October 17, following shortly after 1.3.0 on the 14th and 1.2.3 on the 5th. Development has really taken off, and the new version includes Ironband style mana (refreshes on new levels), simplified proficiencies and mist phantasms that attack you if you dawdle too long. Also, check out the Halls of Mist competition that starts on October 20th.
19.10.2012 14:27.

PWMAngband released Sep 17. 2012 (download page)
PWMAngband, a multiplayer variant, has been released by maintainer PowerWyrm. The new version includes all the relevant gameplay improvements in Vanilla 3.4.0 as well as tons of new changes including a new summoner class, rings of polymorphing that let you play as a monster and a new item order system at the Expensive Black Market.
19.9.2012 14:28.

Angband v3.4.0 released Sep 14, 2012 (download page)
Angband v3.4.0 is now available courtesy of the Angband dev-team. The new version has some significant upgrades including a beautiful new 64x64 tile set by Shockbolt, new pits, and "fuzzy" item detection. There have also been many additional changes, and all of us on the dev-team hope you enjoy this newest version.
14.9.2012 23:37.

Halls of Mist released Sep 13, 2012 (announcement post with downloads)
Halls of Mist (the successor to FayAngband) has been released by Mikko Lehtinen. It's not just a name change; the game has a complete thematic and gameplay overhaul too detailed for a news post. Some hints can be gained from the development blog and the links in the announcement post, but really you just need to play it.
14.9.2012 09:44.

Sil 1.1 released Sep 3, 2012 (download page)
Sil Version 1.1 has just been released by maintainer duo Half and Scatha. Sil is set in the First Age of Middle-earth and includes a complete overhaul of combat mechanics, player stats and skills, monsters and items as well as a novel equipment forging system. The new version includes many new artefacts, new monsters, and extensive tweaks to improve gameplay. Sil has been very highly acclaimed by players and has even inspired an ongoing let's play.
8.9.2012 13:04.

ToME4 beta40 released May 10, 2012
The newest two releases beta40 and beta39 of the popular spin-off ToME4, Tale of Maj'Eyal, have just been announced by maintainer DarkGod in quick succession. ToME4 was the Roguelike of the Year in 2010 and 2011, and that should be enough reason for you to check it out. The gameplay change-lists for the new versions are incredibly large and includes some new talent trees, new weapons, and a complete reworking of wands.
12.5.2012 22:28.

Releases Jan 01, 2012 - Apr 22, 2012

This is a mega-announcement for all the variant releases in the first third of 2012, in order of release date. There's a lot of stuff here, so let's dive right in!


FAAngband 1.2.9 released Apr 14, 2012 (download page)

FAAngband, or First Age Angband, is a variant set in the First Age of Middle Earth, complete with an overworld map and a refreshing lack of anachronisms. Although this update is mainly for bugfixes in the 1.2.x line, FAAngband is generally known for having already implemented that feature that you wish Vanilla Angband would adopt.


DaJAngband 1.3.5 released: Apr 11, 2012 (direct download link)

DaJAngband is a variant that "adds flavor and character to vanilla Angband while keeping the gameplay similar," so if you like vanilla but want extended gameplay without the addition of wilderness, this might be the variant for you. New features include champion monsters, rooms with specific effects, clone and illusion spells and so much more that owner/maintainer will_asher went right ahead and skipped 1.3.4!


Minimal beta released April 7, 2012 (download page)

The new minimal is currently in beta-testing. While many variants feature additional spells, classes, items and monsters, Minimal does exactly the opposite, and attmepts to pare down the monster, class, item and artifact list while maintaining a hard and gritty gameplay. Minimal follows in the footsteps of its older sisters, ironband and quickband. If you liked those, you'll probably enjoy this newest Antoine creation.


NPPAngband 0.5.4 released March 18, 2012 (download page)

No Pet Peeves Angband, or NPP for short, is a variant with greatly expanded gameplay including random quests, varied terrain, and improved monster AI. The new release includes improved mouse support, a new 32x32 bit tileset, linux compatibility, and a shopkeeper named buzzkill. Additionally, if you've found yourself overwhelmed by all these features, in the new version, you can optionally choose a simple vanilla style dungeon to explore.


Sil 1.0.2 released Feb 20, 2012 (download page)

With its first version released on Tolkien's 120th birthday, Sil is a new variant that has gathered much well-deserved interest. The goal of the game is to descend into the throne room of Angband and extract a Silmaril from Morgoth's crown and return to the surface (killing Morgoth is optional). A lot of combat mechanics, character stats, and items have been completely redesigned from the ground up, and work so seamlessly that you might think the game had already undergone numerous balancing revisions. Also, if you're worried about learning mechanics for a new roguelike, or even if you are new to roguelikes altogether, Sil has a helpful tutorial to help you get started.

22.4.2012 22:33.

Quickband 2.0.5
New Quickband is here! Introducing new Sprite race and more.
30.11.2011 09:12.

FayAngband 1.1
FayAngband 1.1, "Tough but Fairy" was released on October 5, 2011. Not so hard anymore: Proficiencies, Critical wounds below 0 HP, More information, less guesswork, Changed level size, Simplified character creation More tactical gameplay: Range is much more relevant, New take on hit chance and critical hits, Tweaks to melee weapons, Streamlined magical devices and distraction spells, Miscellaneous changes Read the announcement post here, or go to the homepage.
16.10.2011 09:29.

Quickband 2.0.4
A new version of Quickband arrived. Get the download and read the changelog.
9.8.2011 21:12.

Quickband 2.0.3 released
Quickband 2.0.3 source and windows binaries are now available at oook. This release brings a new class, an all magic flinging Sage, four new races, and an usual assortment of improvements and bugfixes.
19.7.2011 11:14.

FAangband 1.2 released
The latest release of First Age Angband is available at the FAangband home page. The changes from 1.1.6 are largely structural. Read the announcement post here.
8.5.2011 20:13.

New Variant - FayAngband
Mikko Lehtinen has released a new variant, FayAngband, based on Eytan Zweig's EyAngband. It has several interesting new features, notably changes to stairs and diving, stats, ID and perception. FayAngband 1.0 is available for DOS (and Windows), 64-bit Linux or as source code here.
27.4.2011 09:27.

DaJAngband 1.3.0, 1.3.1 released
DaJAngband 1.3.0, closely followed by 1.3.1, were released early in April, with many object and monster changes and the incorporation of some of the new Vanilla dungeon generation. See the announcement post for more details; downloads are available from the DaJAngband home page.
27.4.2011 09:27.

NPPAngband 0.5.1 released
The final form of NPPAngband 0.5.1 is now available as source, or for Windows or OS X. Post announcement here.
7.2.2011 10:15.

Variant Releases
There have been several recent new/updated variant releases. In no particular order: Sangband is now at 1.0.2 beta; announcement thread here; New variant RePosBand, a reboot of Posband based on Angband 3.2.0, has rushed quickly to version 0.6.1; announcement thread here; Z+Angband had a Christmas release of version 0.3.3 - announcement thread here; DaJAngband 0.2.3 was released in October; announcement thread here; New variant Chengband, a fork of Hengband, was released in November; announcement thread here; NPPAngband continues its journey toward version 0.5.1, with the latest WIP, beta-5a, available here. There have also been some early/abortive new variant starts, including Jackband by ekolis and Strawberry Angband, TFork and CAngband by Therem Harth.
11.1.2011 13:16.

Angband 3.2.0 released
Vanilla Angband got a new major release today with 3.2.0, see annoucement for list of changes. Downloads are on Rephial or here on oook.
24.12.2010 21:57.

It's alive -- ToME 4 beta
After a long time of stalled development of ToME 3, DarkGod resurfaced today with a first public beta of a brand new project - ToME 4, and the accompanying T-Engine 4. Read the extensive announcement, or browse the project website.
11.5.2010 22:35.

Unangband 0.6.4 released
This is the "Once your variant gets a nowhere town, it will never leave" release aka "Wasn't this supposed to be out months ago?" Download the source code, Windows or Mac OS/X builds. A Linux version should be following shortly. For more details, please see the official website.
6.4.2010 09:26.

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