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Unangband 0.5.4c "Competitive Fix" released
The files have been released and are available at BerliOS, and include the source, and a windows compiled version. This release is primarily intended to fix bugs reported in the competition so far. I assume it should be fine for competition play to upgrade to this version.
17.10.2003 15:34.

NPPAngband 0.2.2
Jeff Greene released a bugfix version of his variant NPPAngband 0.2.2. See announcement for a list of changes. Download sources or windows buid.
16.10.2003 10:15.

Unangband 0.5.4b released
This release is a bug fix version with a few gameplay updates. Upgrading is recommended due to the number of bugfixes in this release. You can find source files and windows executable at project page at BerliOS.
1.10.2003 14:35.

Multiband 1.1.0, sCthAngband 1.0.14, XBAND 0.2.0, NPPAngband 0.2.1
Wrabhit released new version of Multiband, get sources or windows binary. Here is the changelog. Kieron Dunbar released new version of sCthAngband, get sources and see what's new. Chris Watkins released new version of his young ZAngband variant XBAND, get sources, windows binary, list of changes against previous version. Jeff Greene released bugfix version of NPPAngband. Get sources or windows binary while they're hot, and check the list of changes.
28.9.2003 14:39.

T.o.M.E. 2.2.3 "The Quality of Mercy"
The mad god and his dark priests again fixed some more bugs and bringed you a new release of T.o.M.E.. Read announcement with list of changes or get your downloads - sources or windows binary.
16.9.2003 09:59.

NPPAngband 0.2.0
New version of young variant NPPAngband, which aims to improve Vanilla with best ideas from variants, was released by Jeff Greene. Major new features are O-style rogues, modified character dump, staves stacking and Ey-style quests, small levels and dialogs. See complete list of changes in the announcement. Download source codes or windows binary.
15.9.2003 19:40.

Cath-and-the-Hack Angband is back
Three long years since last release, Evan Jenkins is bringing new release of CatH-Angband. It's basically old CatH updated to Vanilla 3.0.3 codebase. Read details in announcement post. Only source code is available for download at SourceForge download page.
14.9.2003 19:07.

Animeband 0.5.3, Steamband 0.3.1
Ernest Huang released new version of his variant Animeband 0.5.3. Get sources or windows binary. VALIS released new version of his variant Steamband 0.3.1. See announcement for list of changes, get sources or Mac binaries.
1.9.2003 10:13.

Hengband 1.4.4 and 1.5.4
Mr. Hoge released new versions of variant with japanese origin, Hengband. In stable series it's 1.4.4, and in development series it's 1.5.4. List of changes is available in announcement. Download 1.4.4 sources, windows binary, or 1.5.4 sources, windows binary.
12.8.2003 21:49.

T.o.M.E. 2.2.2, Hengband 1.4.3 and 1.5.3, sCthAngband 1.0.13
DarkGod released new bugfix version of T.o.M.E.. Read list of changes, download sources, windows binary or MS-DOS binary. Mr. Hoge released new bugfix versions of Hengband. Quoting the announcement, there were terrible bugs in 1.4.2 released last week, every player should upgrade. Get stable branch sources, windows binary, or development branch sources and windows binary. Kieron Dunbar released new version of his sCthAngband 1.0.13, get sources, windows binary and read list of changes. In other news, windows binary of Gumband 2.2.2 is now available.
25.7.2003 06:31.

Animeband 0.5.2
Mostly bugfix release of Animeband was done by Ernest Huang. Look here for a changelist, grab windows binary or sources.
12.7.2003 20:29.

Hengband 1.4.2 and 1.5.2 released
New versions of Hengband in both stable and development series was released. In stable series, download Hengband 1.4.2 sources or windows binary. If you prefer bleeding edge code, get Hengband 1.5.2 sources or windows binary. Complete list of changes for both branches is in announcement post.
10.7.2003 20:12.

UnAngband 0.5.4a "A Whole Lotta Love"
Bugfix release of UnAngband 0.5.4a was released today by Takeshi Mogami. Read list of changes, download sources or windows binary.
7.7.2003 19:56.

T.o.M.E. 2.2.1 "There All the Honor Lies"
DarkGod and his Dark Priests quickly released bugfix version of Troubles of Middle-Earth, fixing crash in power and god quest, among other bugs. See list of changes, get sources or windows binaries.
3.7.2003 16:39.

Multiplayer Angband
Want to try multiplayer realtime Angband? Berendol's MAngband variant server is online again. Visit Berendol's MAngband variant page or check out the 'vanilla' MAngband.
1.7.2003 10:12.

Gumband 2.2.2 unchained
First release of Gumband with R Dan Henry as a maintainer is here. Check announcement, download sources or DOS binary.
20.6.2003 18:16.

T.o.M.E. 2.2.0, Steamband 0.3.0
Good news, everyone! Most popular Angband variant, Troubles of Middle-Earth, have released new major version, 2.2.0. Really long list of changes is available in the announcement. Download sources or windows compile. Major feature of new T.o.M.E. are modules, and here is one from DarkGod himself, Scroll 1.0.0. On the same day, new version of young variant Steamband 0.3.0 was released. Get your sources, mac binary and read list of changes.
16.6.2003 11:10.

Animeband 0.5.1
New version of Ernest Huang's anime themed variant Animeband was released. Download windows binary or source codes and check out the list of changes.
8.6.2003 17:07.

Randomband 0.3.3 and sCthangband 1.0.12
Kenneth Strom released new version of Randomband, a variant where everything is random. See announcement with list of changes, or download source. Kieron Dunbar released new version of sCthangband just two days after previous version, because of critical bug, details here, download here.
25.5.2003 22:21.

New variant: Animeband 0.5.0
Ernest Huang released first version of his new variant, Animeband. This variant is inspired by japanese drawing style called anime. Animeband is based on Vanilla 2.9.3. Visit new Animeband website and give it a try, download the sources.
23.5.2003 09:59.

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