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sCthangband 1.0.11
Kieron Dunbar released new version of sCthangband. Get sources and read list of changes.
23.5.2003 08:30.

Movement tricks
Pasi 'donalde' Vartiainen contributed an article covering commonly used tricks and tactics: hit and retreat, line of sight abuse, using splash damage, using anti-summoning corridors, using hockey stick corridors and pillardancing.
21.5.2003 14:04.

Updated Vanilla documentation and OAngband spoilers
About a month ago, Leon Marrick extensively updated Vanilla documentation, you can download it packed in zip archive, or read this Angband Manual online. It can be also used as a drop-in replacement for in-game help.

Alex Wilkins started writing detailed spoilers about OAngband. So far there are magic devices and damage types spoilers, more are being written. I added his OAngband website to links section.
13.5.2003 22:54.

Langband 0.1.6
New version of a lispier variant Langband was released by Stig E. Sando. Read announcement post, complete list of changes, or get your download. There is now experimental click-and-drool installer for Windows, see download page.
7.5.2003 23:16.

NPPAngband 0.1.1
Jeff Greene released first update of his new variant. Download sources or windows binary. See what changed.
4.5.2003 15:00.

New variant: NPPAngband 0.1.0
Jeff Greene have started new variant called NPPAngband, fork of Vanilla with heavy Oangband influence. At the moment it's basically improved Vanilla, but differencies will raise with future releases. Check announcement for complete list of changes and variant's website for interesting list of planned changes. Download source code or windows binary.
24.4.2003 19:42.

Zangband 2.7.3 released
New version of popular variant Zangband was released by Steven Fürst. Major change is introduction of themed dungeons. See complete list of changes. Download sources, windows binary or go here for more downloads.
8.4.2003 23:47.

Unangband 0.5.4 "It'll be Sangband next"
Andrew Doull released new version of Unangband. See list of changes, get DOS binary or sources.
31.3.2003 15:48.

New Mr. Att picture
There's a new Mr. Att picture dancing with Fred Astaire! The infamous Att will be the icon for the upcoming port of Steamband to RISC OS.
23.3.2003 21:03.

New variant: RandomBand, and sCthangband 1.0.10
Kenneth Strom, better known as Relic, have released first version of his variant RandomBand. It's based on Z 2.6.2 and it's main feature will be randomized monster list. Download is available at Yahogroups (registration required). Here is r.g.r.a announcement and here list of changes. Kieron Dunbar released new version of his variant sCthAngband. Get your download here and list of changes is here.
18.3.2003 08:35.

Sangband beta 13, Multiband 1.0.9, Langband 0.1.15 and Steamband 0.2.2
New versions of many minor variants were released in past week. Wrabhit's Multiband have reached 1.0.9, source download, windows binary and list of changes. Stig Sando's Lisp variant Langband reached 0.1.5, download here and list of changes. Courtney Campbell's Steamband, steam punk variant, have reached 0.2.2, sources and mac compiles are available, watch homepage for windows version. here is list of changes. Leon Marrick's Sangband is currently at beta 13, sources, windows version and list of changes.
10.3.2003 08:31.

T.o.M.E. 2.1.2 "Nanotwirler"
Dark priest Neil did it again. Bugfix release of well known Tales of the Middle-Earth is here. Read list of changes and improvements, get source codes or windows binary.
4.3.2003 22:28.

Cmovies repository opened!
New section of this website was launched today. It's Cmovies repository. What is Cmovie? It's short recording of your play. Everything you see as a player on the screen, can anyone replay at any time. Mighty DarkGod himself contributed first movie - nicely done Thieves quest. Only T.o.M.E. have capability of recording Cmovies. You'll need Java plugin to use this section (or you can always download Cmovie and play it in your copy of T.o.M.E.).
3.3.2003 23:05.

Sangband 0.9.9 beta 12
Leon Marrick gave us new, "relatively stable" release of Sangband, and is taking a short break from coding it. Get windows binary or sources. List of changes and improvements is on Sangband webpage.
27.2.2003 21:26.

Langband 0.1.4
Stig E Sando released new version of Langband, variant written in Lisp. Here is list of changes and here is download.
18.2.2003 22:49.

Sangband, sCthAngband 1.0.9 and Chocolate Angband
Leon Marrick is releasing new versions of his Sangband in short intervals. Here is 0.9.9 beta 11 which fixes and changes many things. Source and windows downloads. Kieron Dunbar released two new version of his sCthAngband. Latest and greatest is 1.0.9, here are sources. Keep eye on his webpage for Windows binary. J.K. Banks released Chocolate Angband, which is essentially Vanilla 2.8.2 with some nice touches. Sources here.
4.2.2003 09:46.

EyAngband 0.5.2
New version of EyAngband is released, get windows binary or source codes. Here is list of changes, listing mainly bug fixes and rebalancing.
28.1.2003 09:30.

Angband 3.0.3 released
New release of Vanilla Angband is available, containing mostly bugfixes. Read announcement for list of changes. Download windows version or sources. Windows version now comes with installer. New 32x32 tiles can be grabbed from here.
26.1.2003 00:44.

Steamband 0.2.0
VALIS's steampunk variant Steamband have new beta. Download sources or Windows binary. Here is announcement post and here is changelog. Also be sure to visit Steam's new website.
25.1.2003 09:47.

Langband 0.1.3
Next step in Lispier Angband was made - trust changelog or download it and see for yourself.
19.1.2003 19:13.

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