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Cmovies repository opened!
New section of this website was launched today. It's Cmovies repository. What is Cmovie? It's short recording of your play. Everything you see as a player on the screen, can anyone replay at any time. Mighty DarkGod himself contributed first movie - nicely done Thieves quest. Only T.o.M.E. have capability of recording Cmovies. You'll need Java plugin to use this section (or you can always download Cmovie and play it in your copy of T.o.M.E.).
3.3.2003 23:05.

Sangband 0.9.9 beta 12
Leon Marrick gave us new, "relatively stable" release of Sangband, and is taking a short break from coding it. Get windows binary or sources. List of changes and improvements is on Sangband webpage.
27.2.2003 21:26.

Langband 0.1.4
Stig E Sando released new version of Langband, variant written in Lisp. Here is list of changes and here is download.
18.2.2003 22:49.

Sangband, sCthAngband 1.0.9 and Chocolate Angband
Leon Marrick is releasing new versions of his Sangband in short intervals. Here is 0.9.9 beta 11 which fixes and changes many things. Source and windows downloads. Kieron Dunbar released two new version of his sCthAngband. Latest and greatest is 1.0.9, here are sources. Keep eye on his webpage for Windows binary. J.K. Banks released Chocolate Angband, which is essentially Vanilla 2.8.2 with some nice touches. Sources here.
4.2.2003 09:46.

EyAngband 0.5.2
New version of EyAngband is released, get windows binary or source codes. Here is list of changes, listing mainly bug fixes and rebalancing.
28.1.2003 09:30.

Angband 3.0.3 released
New release of Vanilla Angband is available, containing mostly bugfixes. Read announcement for list of changes. Download windows version or sources. Windows version now comes with installer. New 32x32 tiles can be grabbed from here.
26.1.2003 00:44.

Steamband 0.2.0
VALIS's steampunk variant Steamband have new beta. Download sources or Windows binary. Here is announcement post and here is changelog. Also be sure to visit Steam's new website.
25.1.2003 09:47.

Langband 0.1.3
Next step in Lispier Angband was made - trust changelog or download it and see for yourself.
19.1.2003 19:13.

OAngband 0.6.0
After long break, OAngband is back as Bahman Rabii released new version, 0.6.0. Download sources. Read announcement on r.g.r.a for list of changes. Update: Windows binary is now available for download.
14.1.2003 09:35.

T.o.M.E. 2.1.1
First release from bugfix branch of Troubles of Middle Earth hits the net. Get your sources or windows binary. Heaps of bugs were fixed without changes to gameplay, savefiles are fully compatible. All players should upgrade. Read extensive list of changes in r.g.r.a announcement.
13.1.2003 22:18.

New variant: Steamband 0.1.1
The central theme of this variant is mecha and technology in steampunk environment. You will meet Jack the Ripper, you can play automata or steam-mecha. Read announcement post for full details. Download sources or windows binary from temporary Steamband website.
11.1.2003 11:32.

Leon Marrick released bugfix version of Sangband. Download sources or windows binary. Read this announcement.
9.1.2003 08:42.

The server running had some serious hardware problems last night. Sadly, I couldn't recover table with r.g.r.a posts and had to revert to old backup from middle of December. So please excuse little mess in r.g.r.a looking glass. ^_^ Other parts of website were successfully recovered from backup and replication SQL server.
9.1.2003 08:42.

EyAngband 0.5.1 released
After long wait, new version of EyAngband is released. Download windows binary or source archive. Biggest new features are reworked monetary system, and perception skill. Here is announcement post to r.g.r.a with full list of changes. Warning: 0.5.0 savefiles can't be used in 0.5.1.
1.1.2003 03:28.

Hengband 1.4.1 and 1.5.1
New bugfix versions of Hengband was released. Get stable sources, stable windows binary, development sources or development windows binary.
23.12.2002 21:24.

Zangband 2.7.2 released
New version of Zangband have been released. Download source tarball or windows binary. The biggest change is linear stats instead of 18/220, and adding of Tk port. Be sure to read complete list of changes.
22.12.2002 23:47.

Angband 3.0.2 released
New Vanilla version, containing mainly bugfixes, was released. Read this announcement post for list of changes. Also be sure to read followups. Download source tarball or windows binary, look at download page at Thang for graphics and compilations for other platforms.
21.12.2002 19:28.

We have been slashdotted, dear Watson!
Slashdot have article on new The Two Towers movie, which also mention T.o.M.E. and Angband in general. And how T.o.M.E. website survived slashdot effect? read more >>
19.12.2002 08:57.

DarkGod did it again! T.o.M.E. 2.1.0 No Surrender, No Retreat
New version of most popular variant was released. Read this announcement post, download windows binary or source tarball. What's new? many bugs squashed, new corruptions system, new wands/staves system, the automatizer which replaces autosquelching, Demonologists are back, documentation was greatly improved and many more. See this ultra detailed changelog for more details.
14.12.2002 23:14.

Sangband 0.9.9 released
Leon Marrick released new version of Sangband 0.9.9, skill based variant, which was originally developed by Julian Lighton and abandoned 4 years ago. The list of changes and improvements is in announcement post to r.g.r.a.
12.12.2002 19:23.

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