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Hengband 1.4.0 and 1.5.0 released
New major versions of both stable and development branches of Hengband was released. In stable branch, Hengband 1.4.0 major feature is removal of Satisfy Hunger scrolls. Download sources or windows binary. Major feature of Hengband 1.5.0, development branch of the game, is saved floors, which essentially means semi-persistant levels. Read announcement post to r.g.r.a for complete list of changes.
8.12.2002 19:05.

Langband 0.1.2 out
Stig E Sando released new development version of his Lispier variant, Langband 0.1.2. Download sources here.
8.12.2002 18:56.

The Comic is back
The Angband Comic was resurrected after four months of inactivity. New strips will be out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so keep your eye on!
4.12.2002 08:42.

NTangband 0.7
J. K. Bands released new version of NTAngband 10 aka 0.7. Most significant change is free market. Download sources here.
28.11.2002 23:36.

Interview with DarkGod, maintainer of T.o.M.E.
DarkGod speaks about himself, about T.o.M.E., when 2.1.0 will be released and what's new in it, and many more. Read this exclusive interview for
27.11.2002 01:33.

Langband 0.1.1
Lispier variant of Angband, Langband 0.1.1, was released by Stig E. Sand?. Get your files from download page. You'll need some Common Lisp implementation in order to run it. Currently only source codes are available.
11.11.2002 13:34.

sCthangband 1.0.6 released
New version of sCthangband was released by Kieron Dunbar. See for the original announcement. Source codes can be downloaded from here.
10.11.2002 23:11.

Multiband 1.0.8
New version, Multiband 1.0.8, was released by wrabhit. Get sources from Multiband website (which is a bit weird anyway). Read long list of changes in announcement post.
2.11.2002 00:51.

Hengband 1.2.2 and 1.3.1 released
Mr. Hoge and Hengband devteam released new versions in stable and development branches. New stable release is Hengband 1.2.2, download source tarball, windows binary, or get Mac binaries. In development branch was released Hengband 1.3.1. For downloads and lists of changes see announcement post to r.g.r.a.
1.11.2002 21:19.

UnAngband 0.5.3 released!
UnAngband 0.5.3: "Let It Be" was released by Andrew Sidwell. This is mainly bugfix release. Download sources or windows binary, RISC OS binary is available from Berlios project homepage. Read list of changes and announcement on r.g.r.a.
26.10.2002 15:06.

Shayne Steele
Version 1.9 of Shanye Steele's ZAngband Extra Options Patch was announced. If you want some new crazy features in your Z, visit this page. Patch for source codes and windows binary are available.
22.10.2002 10:10.

Multiband 1.0.6
Wrabhit silently released new version of his variant Multiband 1.0.6. Download source codes, windows binary is not available yet. Be sure to check out list of changes.
17.10.2002 08:46.

New Gumband maintainer
Joseph William Dixon has passed the torch of maintainership onto R Dan Henry. You can reach him at <> Read relevant r.g.r.a post here. Three cheers for Gumband!
7.10.2002 21:51.

Gumband 2.2.1b released
Last version of Gumband from Joseph William Dixon is available for download in source code form. See this announce post to r.g.r.a for details.
3.10.2002 17:56.

Gumband is dead
Joseph William Dixon, maintainer of Gumband, had retired from this position today. He encouraged any volunteer to take over his job if he respect few rules. Read his retirement post to r.g.r.a for more details.
27.9.2002 21:32.

New variant is born - NuAngband
Atarlost made first release of his new variant NuAngband 1.0. Download source codes here (1.8 MB) and read list of changes from Vanilla here.
27.9.2002 20:58.

EyAngband 0.5.0b
Eytan Zweig released new EyAngband 0.5.0b, which is first bugfix version of 0.5.0. Download source codes (1330 kB) or windows binary (705 kB). Check list of changes and announce post to r.g.r.a. There aren't any gameplay changes, so all players are encouraged to upgrade.
25.9.2002 08:30.

Borg for 3.0.1 ready
Dr. Andrew White, author of Vanilla borg (automated angband player), prepared new version, which runs with Vanilla 3.0.1. It's available as source codes or windows binary. Be sure to checkout Borg website if you're interested.
25.9.2002 08:30.

Official Angband website, Thangorodrim, has moved from US hosting to Germany. New address is, please change your bookmarks. Old server will be discontunied in a week or two.
21.9.2002 14:47.

Langband 0.1 released
First public release of Langband, angband variant written in Common LISP, has been released. Download it here, be sure to checkout some screenshots too. Keep in mind that you have to have working LISP environment to run this variant!
20.9.2002 08:23.

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