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FAangband 1.2 released
The latest release of First Age Angband is available at the FAangband home page. The changes from 1.1.6 are largely structural. Read the announcement post here.
8.5.2011 20:13.

New Variant - FayAngband
Mikko Lehtinen has released a new variant, FayAngband, based on Eytan Zweig's EyAngband. It has several interesting new features, notably changes to stairs and diving, stats, ID and perception. FayAngband 1.0 is available for DOS (and Windows), 64-bit Linux or as source code here.
27.4.2011 09:27.

DaJAngband 1.3.0, 1.3.1 released
DaJAngband 1.3.0, closely followed by 1.3.1, were released early in April, with many object and monster changes and the incorporation of some of the new Vanilla dungeon generation. See the announcement post for more details; downloads are available from the DaJAngband home page.
27.4.2011 09:27.

NPPAngband 0.5.1 released
The final form of NPPAngband 0.5.1 is now available as source, or for Windows or OS X. Post announcement here.
7.2.2011 10:15.

Variant Releases
There have been several recent new/updated variant releases. In no particular order: Sangband is now at 1.0.2 beta; announcement thread here; New variant RePosBand, a reboot of Posband based on Angband 3.2.0, has rushed quickly to version 0.6.1; announcement thread here; Z+Angband had a Christmas release of version 0.3.3 - announcement thread here; DaJAngband 0.2.3 was released in October; announcement thread here; New variant Chengband, a fork of Hengband, was released in November; announcement thread here; NPPAngband continues its journey toward version 0.5.1, with the latest WIP, beta-5a, available here. There have also been some early/abortive new variant starts, including Jackband by ekolis and Strawberry Angband, TFork and CAngband by Therem Harth.
11.1.2011 13:16.

Angband 3.2.0 released
Vanilla Angband got a new major release today with 3.2.0, see annoucement for list of changes. Downloads are on Rephial or here on oook.
24.12.2010 21:57.

It's alive -- ToME 4 beta
After a long time of stalled development of ToME 3, DarkGod resurfaced today with a first public beta of a brand new project - ToME 4, and the accompanying T-Engine 4. Read the extensive announcement, or browse the project website.
11.5.2010 22:35.

Unangband 0.6.4 released
This is the "Once your variant gets a nowhere town, it will never leave" release aka "Wasn't this supposed to be out months ago?" Download the source code, Windows or Mac OS/X builds. A Linux version should be following shortly. For more details, please see the official website.
6.4.2010 09:26.

DaJAngband 1.2.0 Released
New version with too many changes for a headline. See the announcement here, or visit the home page for the download link.
21.3.2010 08:47.

FAangband 1.1
First Age Angband got a new release available from an usual place. Overview of changes here.
7.3.2010 09:37.

NPPAngband 0.5.0
The final version of NPPAngband 0.5.0 is now available from NPPAngband forums.
1.3.2010 10:59.

Angband 3.1.2 out!
The new release of the Vanilla Angband is available. Read the announcement post or get the downloads.
26.1.2010 22:57.

Gumband 2.3.2
New version of Gumband, a variant by R Dan Henry. Downloads: source, MS-DOS executable.
26.1.2010 09:28.

Hellband 0.8.7
Hellband 0.8.7 has been released, now with OSX binary. See here for downloads or check announcement post for changelog.
1.1.2010 11:22.

DaJAngband v1.1.0 released
Version 1.1.0 of DaJAngband, the "I have no life so I design my own variant" variant has been released, featuring a new race, new terrain and themed levels. It is currently available here.
14.11.2009 22:58.

DaJAngband v1.0.99 released
This actually happened, neatly, on 9/9/09. Cool new features include an NPP-style quiver and partial stacking of slays and brands. DaJAngband is available from here.
10.10.2009 17:34.

Spoilers update
I have finally forced myself to updating artifact and monster spoilers for Vanilla here on the site, they are now matching 3.1.1 game.
1.10.2009 17:53.

Angband 3.1.1 Linux packages
New Angband is now in Debian: There is also untested RPM made by Alien here.
26.8.2009 16:10.

FAangband 1.0 released
FAangband 1.0 is now available from the usual place . The big changes in this version are vastly altered objects (especially ego-items), a complete overhaul of mages, and the introduction of player-race based monsters which are not always hostile.
10.8.2009 13:17.

Angband 3.1.1 released
New release of the Vanilla Angband is available, featuring many bugfixes, overhauled ID system and a new autosquelcher. See release thread for details. Downloads are available from the homepage as usual: Windows binary, source for Linux people, and OS X installer for Apple crowd.
26.7.2009 13:23.

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