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Unangband 0.6.3a released
This is somewhat 'old' news, but there is a 0.6.3a release of Unangband now available. You can download the source code, a precompiled Windows build or a precompiled OS/X build.
10.7.2009 08:48.

Unangband 0.6.3 released
This is the final release of Unangband 0.6.3 "Death to the Case Statement" aka "The Projected Release". You can download the source code, a precompiled Windows build or a precompiled OS/X build. Full change list and official site.
8.6.2009 09:12.

Gumband 2.3.1 released
R. Dan Henry has released version 2.3.1 of the Moorcockian variant Gumband, a minor update and bugfix to 2.3.0. It is available from the Gumband download page; see this thread for the announcement.
23.4.2009 09:34.

New Variant: Craftband
Optimality has released Craftband, a variant where the player has the ability to craft items from raw materials. Visit the homepage or see the announcement thread.
23.4.2009 09:34.

DaJAngband v1.0.97 released
The latest version of newish variant DaJAngband is now available here. The changelist for this version is in the announcement .
23.3.2009 10:50.

New variant: TinyAngband
TinyAngband is originally japanese variant by iks of Hengband fame. Now it have its first English release - 0.0.3. Morgoth sits on level 27 and complete game should be winnable under three hours. Download Windows binary or source.
15.3.2009 09:40.

FAangband 0.3.6
FAangband 0.3.6 is now available from the usual place, as source, or compiled for windows, WinCE and OSX. Announcement is here.
8.2.2009 09:06.

Angband on the Nintendo DS
There is now a port of Angband 3.1.0 to the Nintendo DS at Coming soon to this page are ports of FAangband and Oangband, and potentially other variants later.
24.1.2009 10:31.

Angband 3.1.0 (beta) released
There are a lot of changes in this release. The most notable are that the UI has been tweaked, refined and generally twiddled so it should be the easiest-to-use release ever. Other than that, there should be less junk and some new item kinds. Underneath all this is some fairly wide-ranging code cleanup and rewriting.

There is no exhaustive changelog for this release since the changes are so wide-ranging. However, a fairly complete one is attached to this post.
7.1.2009 16:55.

Z+Angband 0.3.1
New version of Z+Angband was announced here.
13.11.2008 09:41.

Competitions now with mini-ladder
Starting with Competition 61, a dedicated ladder for the competition is available here at oook website for you so you can track your progress against other players. Follow the Competition tab above or click this link.
9.11.2008 16:00.

Z+Angband 0.2.3
A new variant, aiming to revive previously widely popular variant Z, got another new release. See webpage for details of this new variant, and the download.
24.9.2008 09:26.

Unofficial Oangband release
Oangband 1.1.0u, an interface (mostly) update is available compiled for Windows, OSX, Windows CE and Nintendo DS from here. Read the announcement here.
10.9.2008 16:33.

Ironband 14Aug08
The first stable release of Ironband is now available from the Ironband webpage. The game is now considered complete, fun and fully playable. No next release is planned anytime soon.
18.8.2008 14:38.

FAangband 0.3.5a
Bugfix to the bugfix now available at Upgrade recommended for those who don't want a nasty unfair death.
28.7.2008 14:33.

FAangband 0.3.5
FAangband 0.3.5 is now available from as source or compiled for Windows, OSX, WinCE or Nintendo DS. This is mainly a bugfix and minor feature version, and is intended to be the last of the 0.3.x series
15.7.2008 17:28.

Unangband 0.6.2-gold2 has been released
Unangband 0.6.2 Gold 2 "The Shinier" aka "Heeerrrreeesssss Bandy!" has been released. You can download the source or precompiled windows executable ordebug build. See the forum announcement for more details.
14.6.2008 11:07.

FA Ironman AAR
A beautiful AAR from on ironman game of FAangband is being posted by Psi on the forums. Currently down at 3900 ft - read up here.
13.5.2008 14:30.

FAangband 0.3.4
FAangband 0.3.4, as source or compiled for Windows, OSX or WinCE, is now available at the usual place. Highlights include new dragons and NPP--style extended characters.
23.4.2008 17:01.

Unangband 0.6.2 gold released
This release is a development check point which allows you to play a "relatively" bug free version of Unangband, while the developers significantly hack on the source to add extra features that may potentially destabilize further releases. Source, windows. Linux and OS/X to follow shortly.
20.4.2008 14:20.

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