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Quickband finds a new home
We here at are glad to provide a new home for Antoine's Quickband variant.
10.2.2008 19:26.

Unangband 0.6.2 beta
Read all about it.
4.2.2008 16:51.

FAangband 0.3.1 released
FAangband 0.3.1 (new! bugfree! maybe) is now available as source or windows binary from the usual place. Read all about it.
29.1.2008 09:47.

Ironband 13Jan08
New beta version of Ironband is available, containing bugfixed and balance improvements. It is savefile compatible with previous beta. Changes, source code, and Windows executable.
13.1.2008 18:23.

New Steamband and Unangband releases
A new release of a victorian pulp era themed variant Steamband is now available. Get Windows game or source codes. Announcements here and here. Meanwhile, Bandobras was busy cranking out WIP (work-in-progress) releases of Unangband. He got to wip7e by now, read all about it here.
26.12.2007 16:24.

Vote for your favourite roguelike for 2007
ASCII Dreams is currently polling you for your favourite roguelike of 2007. Have a read through of how roguelikes qualified and then vote on the side bar to the right.
26.12.2007 16:19.

New Ironband release
Today Antoine put together a new beta Ironband release - see the announcement.
9.12.2007 23:28.

Final FuryBand release
Fury released the final version of his variant FuryBand - get your downloads from here, announcement here.
1.12.2007 02:19.

Articles on Unangband dungeon generation
The articles on Unangband dungeon generation continue, with parts three, four and five. Part five is highly recommended for anyone who wondered what Sangband chambers, NPPAngband fractal rooms or Eric Bock's mazes look like.
28.11.2007 11:06.

New variant: Ironband
Ironband is an ironman-only variant aiming at fixing some of the things that normally make ironman game annoying; it's classless, the dungeon is 50 levels deep and the final boss is The Witch King of Angmar. It's forked from NPP. Ironband seen it's first release today - Windows , source code downloads, annoucement.
22.11.2007 09:40.

Articles on the Unangband dungeon generation.
A new series on articles on Unangband dungeon generation is in progress. You can read parts one and two so far.
20.11.2007 12:48.

Unangband-0.6.2-wip7c has been released
Unangband 0.6.2-wip7c has been released This is a bug fix release incorporating a new ASCII art map of Middle Earth designed by Bandobras. Upgrading is recommended for anyone playing in the latest Angband competition. Announcement, source, OS/X compile. A windows compile should be following soon.
19.11.2007 10:06.

Articles on the Unangband monster AI (concluded)
The series of articles on the Unangband monster AI concludes with parts five and six. The author welcomes feedback.
17.11.2007 02:11.

Unangband 0.6.2-wip7b has been released
This is a bug fix release in preparation for the next Angband competition. Announcement, source, OS/X compile. A windows compile should be following soon.
4.11.2007 09:07.

Articles on the Unangband monster AI (cont)
The series of articles on the Unangband monster AI continue with parts three and four. This now includes a playable demonstration of the friendly monster AI.
3.11.2007 08:53.

Unangband 0.6.2-wip7a has been released
This is mostly a bugfix for wip7, but some gameplay changes got in, too. Release announcement, source code, Windows executable.
30.10.2007 09:58.

Unangband-0.6.2-wip7 has been released
Source code, release announcement.
23.10.2007 13:16.

FAAngband 0.3.0 released
The latest version of FAAngband has been released. Changes include a modernisation of the code base to include a lot of Angband features and the inclusion of percentage resistances. The full announcement is here and source, windows and OS/X executables can be downloaded from here.
21.10.2007 01:45.

Articles on the Unangband monster AI.
ASCII Dreams is featuring a series of articles on the Unangband Monster AI. Part one and part two are available, with the remainder being published over the course of the following week. It should be of interest to anyone who plays variants based on the 4GAI (Oangband, FAAngband, Sangband, NPPAngband).
21.10.2007 01:45.

Gumband 2.3.0 released
R. Dan Henry's variant of Angband got a new release. Announcement, source code, DOS executable.
1.10.2007 11:10.

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