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Unangband 0.6.1
Andrew Doull released a new version of his variant Unangband. The extensive list of changes is in the announcement post. Downloads: source, Windows binary.
4.9.2006 10:06.

FuryBand 4.0
The Fury have released a new version of his FuryBand variant. Here is a list of changes and here is the download.
9.8.2006 09:53.

FAangband 0.2.1
Nick McConnell released a new version of his FAangband variant, with these changes. Get sources or Windows binary.
17.6.2006 16:03.

Gumband 2.2.4
R Dan Henry released a new version of his variant Gumband. Read extensive change log here, get source here.
12.6.2006 09:59.

FAangband 0.2.0
Nick McConnell released a new version of his First Age variant containing many changes. Download page.
28.5.2006 13:11.

UnAngband 0.6.0 released
Where's the Tequila? Did Tara Reid steal all the drinks? Ehm. The new release of Andrew Doull's variant UnAngband is out. Release notes, Windows version, source codes.
30.4.2006 15:22.

New Vanilla maintainer; FuryBand 3.0.0
After Robert Rühlmann's giving up on maintaining Angband last fall, the new maintainer was finally announced today. The post was passed to Julian Lighton, the author of Variant FAQ and the long time contributor to the Angband community.

In the other news, there is a new version of FuryBand 3.0.
5.3.2006 21:58.

Oangband 1.1.0
Bahman Rabii released a new version of a popular variant Oangband 1.1.0. Detailed list of changes.
7.2.2006 21:26.

FAangband 0.1.2
Nick McConnell released a new version of his FAangband, containing bug fixes and UI improvements. See change list. In other news, Bahman Rabii posted fourth Oangband 1.1.0 beta for testing.
27.1.2006 11:53.

New Angband comic
Roger Calamarain Barnett started a brand new comic strip on Angband called Tales from the Pit, inspired by the old The Angband Comic. He posts Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
3.1.2006 09:52.

FAangband 0.1.1
Nick McConnell released a new version of his young variant FAangband. Read the list of changes.
17.12.2005 15:29.

The Angband Comic archive is online
Jon Cole and Devin Kent have been publishing an excellent online comic about Angband back in 2001 and 2002. The original website went offline years ago, so I decided to restore the archives here at oook. It's quite funny reading. Enjoy!
16.12.2005 00:54.

T.o.M.E. 2.3.3 released
T.o.M.E. sees another release in the 2.X series. It changes quite a few things so go grab it.
15.12.2005 21:00.

Animeband 0591, FAangband 0.1.0
Ernest Huang (Yumi Saotome) has released a bugfixing new version of Animeband. Nick McConnell started a brand new variant called First Age Angband (FAangband). It's based on Oangband, and it brings interesting changes to both gameplay and theme.
28.11.2005 11:06.

Ironman MAngband competition
Players of the Ironman MAngband, the realtime online Angband variant, are welcome to compete throught December to win real world prizes - computer game of choice for the winner and a DVD of choice for the deepest diver.
23.11.2005 13:20.

T-Engine/T.o.M.E. 3.0.0 alpha2 "The Gathering" is out!
Version 2 of the T-Engine alpha is ready! Available as usual from Read the full announcement.
16.11.2005 10:32.

T-Engine/T.o.M.E. 3.0.0 alpha "The Gathering" is out
After a very long development, DarkGod released three packages which form T.o.M.E. 3.0.0 alpha: T-Engine 3.0.0, a generic angband engine; the small part of T.o.M.E. 3 reimplemented as T-Engine module, actually, only Barrow-Downs; and O.D.E. alias One Day Example, which serves as an example T-Engine module. Read the details in the original announcement post on T.o.M.E. forums.
14.11.2005 01:16.

Entroband 1.7.1
Brian Barnes released an update to his new variant Entroband.
6.11.2005 20:46.

Sangband 0.9.9 beta 20
Leon Marrick released another beta of his variant Sangband, read the newsgroup post and get the files on the website.
2.11.2005 21:38.

Entroband 1.7.0
Brian Barnes released first version of his new variant Entroband 1.7.0, which is a fork of Hengband 1.7.0 made more difficult to win. There's even a little incentive to be a first winner.
2.11.2005 10:11.

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