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Angband 3.0.6 released
Robert Ruehlmann released new version of Vanilla Angband 3.0.6 with long changelog. Download sources or Windows installer.
21.6.2005 09:37.

Animeband - download source or Windows binary. In other news, news feed for r.g.r.* is restored (thanks to generous folks at Supernews) so the page should look normal in few days again.
10.5.2005 11:31.

Oangband 0.7.0
Oangband got to version 0.7.0 - list of changes, downloads. In other news, r.g.r.* gateways on this website are having serious trouble since last week, I don't know when it will be fixed, sorry folks.
4.5.2005 09:25.

OAngband 0.6.2b
OAngband website have a quick new version which fixes Evasion and add two new ring types.
30.3.2005 14:33.

NPPAngband 0.4.1, OAngband 0.6.2 out
Jeff Greene released NPPAngband 0.4.1 Happy Home, sporting bug fixes and balancing changes against 0.4.0. Get source code and Windows binary from download page or check out announcement post. Bahman Rabii released OAngband 0.6.2, download from download page. Extensive list of changes have all the gory details. This new release of O comes after 13 months wait.
29.3.2005 13:42.

Steamband 0.4.0
VALIS released new version of Steamband, a steampunk variant of Angband. Get sources and look at changelist.
15.2.2005 09:46.

RogueBasin re-opens!
It is with great pleasure that Slash and I announce the reopening of the Roguelike Basin wiki, the central knowlesge base for everything regarding Roguelikes! Many thanks to Pav for providing the much needed reliable hosting! Please find it at, we await your contributions!
29.1.2005 14:23.

T.o.M.E. 2.3.1 "And Now For a Word"
DarkGod released a bugfix version of T.o.M.E., read announcement, get sources or Windows installer.
30.12.2004 17:46.

T.o.M.E. 2.3.0 "The Most Dangerous Wish"
A new version of T.o.M.E. featuring a rebalancing of skills is available. Here is list of changes, source download, Windows installer.
10.12.2004 10:13.

NPPAngband 0.4.0 "Ghost on the Road"
Jeff Greene release new version of his variant NPPAngband, with new dragon armors, quest system, themed levels, randarts, player ghosts and more. Check out the release announcement or get your hands on source or Windows binary.
5.12.2004 23:13.

Hellband 1.0.3
Version 1.0.3 of young variant Hellband was released. Hellband is variant based on theme of Dante's Inferno, with Zangband's magic realms. Read list of updates for 1.0.3 or go downloading (sources, Windows binary).
30.11.2004 13:21.

Multiband 1.1.4
Wrabhit released a new version of Multiband, a multi class Angband variant. Read changelog, get source or Windows binary.
8.10.2004 11:07.

Posband 0.3.0 alpha1
Alexander Ulyanov released new testing version of Posband, read list of changes, get source, Windows binary. In other news, r.g.r.X gateway was broken last few days due to disk fillup. Sorry for that, it's fixed now and no articles were lost.
2.10.2004 23:53.

Animeband 0.5.8
Ernest Huang released new version of Animeband, read announcement with list of changes, download source or Windows binary.
23.9.2004 10:55.

Not much happening ...
Due to the lack of new releases in past month, here's at least some funny bits. Take a quiz which Nethack monster you are at The Angband inspired comic, Penance, is back on weekly schedule. Go check them out.

3.9.2004 14:26.

XBAND 0.5.0
Chris Watkins released new version of XBAND, a variant based on Zangband 2.7.2. Check here for list of changes, download windows executable or source codes.
15.7.2004 10:56.

Animeband 0.5.7
Ernest Huang released new version of Animeband 0.5.7. Check list of changes, get sources or windows binary.
28.6.2004 10:05.

sCthAngband 1.0.18
sCthAngband 1.0.18 is a bugfix release. Read announcement, download sources.
1.6.2004 17:55.

Angband 3.0.5, PosBand 0.2.0-alpha1
Robert Rühlmann announced new stable version of Angband, 3.0.5. Read a list of changes since 3.0.4, download source or Windows installer. In other news, a first release of new variant PosBand, Possessor Angband, 0.2.0-alpha1 was released. Read announcement for an overview what's hot in this variant. It's based on NPPAngband.
25.5.2004 10:09.

Animeband 0.5.6, Vanilla 3.0.5 beta 1
Ernest Huang released new version of Animeband, now with HTML dumps, new artifacts and various tweaks. Read announcement here. Robert Rühlmann released first beta version of next Vanilla for testing. Changes include summoned monsters appearing near the caster, and a lot of smaller changes and fixes. Read list of changes or get your sources now.
18.5.2004 10:28.

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