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Angband on Palm
Dan Vernon ported Vanilla Angband onto PalmOS powered handheld, see the screen shots. All the gory details are on Emuboards. It seems it only runs on Tapwave Zodiac devices, for now.
19.10.2005 22:49.

Steamband fanart
Finish fan ponpoko created some Steamband fanart. Check it out, it's cool!
16.10.2005 04:39.

PosBand have new maintainers
Avenger and Graham Philips are taking over PosBand. The final version written by previous maintainer Alexander Ulyanov, 0.9.9, can be downloaded from the new website.
15.10.2005 20:33.

Robert Rühlmann leaves Vanilla
Robert Rühlmann announced his decision to quit maintaining Vanilla Angband, due losing the enthusiasm. He was a maintainer since April 2000. Robert is also running main Angband website Thangorodrim since late 1997. The debate sprouted on newsgroup about who should take over, top suggestions being Timo Pietilä and Leon Marrick. Timo turned down the offer.

In other news, Leon Marrick announced 0.9.9 beta 19 of Sangband, while Brian Barnes published unofficial Hengband 1.7.0. It seems there will not be an official 1.7.0 release, because Mogami halted the development of Hengband.
14.10.2005 17:25.

Animeband 0.5.9
Ernest Huang released a new version of his Animeband. Check the changelist, grab it here.
24.9.2005 12:11.

Quickband 1.0.5
Rapid series of Quickband releases got us 1.0.5 yesterday. The game is now 12 levels deep. More details on new version at r.g.r.a post.
9.8.2005 10:00.

ToME 2.3.2
The Mad God and his Dark Priests (more the dark priests than the mad god actually) did it again! Troubles of Middle-Earth 2.3.2 with codename "Unrealized Reality" is released. List of changes, sources, Windows binary
28.7.2005 21:30.

New variant, QuickBand, is an NPPAngband spinoff where dungeon have only 10 levels and final quest is Saruman. QuickBand is intended for much faster gameplay than regular Angband. Download 1.03 sources.
25.7.2005 09:48.

Angband 3.0.6 released
Robert Ruehlmann released new version of Vanilla Angband 3.0.6 with long changelog. Download sources or Windows installer.
21.6.2005 09:37.

Animeband - download source or Windows binary. In other news, news feed for r.g.r.* is restored (thanks to generous folks at Supernews) so the page should look normal in few days again.
10.5.2005 11:31.

Oangband 0.7.0
Oangband got to version 0.7.0 - list of changes, downloads. In other news, r.g.r.* gateways on this website are having serious trouble since last week, I don't know when it will be fixed, sorry folks.
4.5.2005 09:25.

OAngband 0.6.2b
OAngband website have a quick new version which fixes Evasion and add two new ring types.
30.3.2005 14:33.

NPPAngband 0.4.1, OAngband 0.6.2 out
Jeff Greene released NPPAngband 0.4.1 Happy Home, sporting bug fixes and balancing changes against 0.4.0. Get source code and Windows binary from download page or check out announcement post. Bahman Rabii released OAngband 0.6.2, download from download page. Extensive list of changes have all the gory details. This new release of O comes after 13 months wait.
29.3.2005 13:42.

Steamband 0.4.0
VALIS released new version of Steamband, a steampunk variant of Angband. Get sources and look at changelist.
15.2.2005 09:46.

RogueBasin re-opens!
It is with great pleasure that Slash and I announce the reopening of the Roguelike Basin wiki, the central knowlesge base for everything regarding Roguelikes! Many thanks to Pav for providing the much needed reliable hosting! Please find it at, we await your contributions!
29.1.2005 14:23.

T.o.M.E. 2.3.1 "And Now For a Word"
DarkGod released a bugfix version of T.o.M.E., read announcement, get sources or Windows installer.
30.12.2004 17:46.

T.o.M.E. 2.3.0 "The Most Dangerous Wish"
A new version of T.o.M.E. featuring a rebalancing of skills is available. Here is list of changes, source download, Windows installer.
10.12.2004 10:13.

NPPAngband 0.4.0 "Ghost on the Road"
Jeff Greene release new version of his variant NPPAngband, with new dragon armors, quest system, themed levels, randarts, player ghosts and more. Check out the release announcement or get your hands on source or Windows binary.
5.12.2004 23:13.

Hellband 1.0.3
Version 1.0.3 of young variant Hellband was released. Hellband is variant based on theme of Dante's Inferno, with Zangband's magic realms. Read list of updates for 1.0.3 or go downloading (sources, Windows binary).
30.11.2004 13:21.

Multiband 1.1.4
Wrabhit released a new version of Multiband, a multi class Angband variant. Read changelog, get source or Windows binary.
8.10.2004 11:07.

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