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sCthangband 1.0.17
Kieron Dunbar released new version of sCthangband, get sources here. List of changes is available in this post.
28.4.2004 13:27.
Site news. As you can notice on the left, we now have a web gateway to newsgroup This group is aimed primarily to people writing rogue-like games, and is not specifically about Angband but about broader genre of rogue-likes. If you have a general design ideas and want to discuss them, this is the place :) Posting is also available under same conditions as posting to r.g.r.a, and logins works on both places.
27.4.2004 23:40.

Animeband 0.5.5
Ernest Huang released another version of Animeband, read announcement post, get downloads here.
21.4.2004 16:14.

Animeband 0.5.4
Ernest Huang released new version of Animeband 0.5.4, read a list of improvements, get sources or windows binary.
2.4.2004 03:59.

NPPAngband 0.3.2
Jeff Greene released new version of his variant NPPAngband 0.3.2 with codename "Sleepers Awake", check release notes, get sources or windows binary.
15.3.2004 13:08.

Angband 3.0.4, PosBand 0.1.0
Robert Ruhlmann released a new version of Vanilla, 3.0.4, check a changelog. Downloads are available from Clockwork - sources, DOS version, Windows installer. A possessive variant PosBand 0.1.0 is released, see r.g.r.a post.
6.3.2004 22:20.

T.o.M.E. 2.2.6 released
DarkGod made available new bugfix release of T.o.M.E. 2.2 branch, go read a list of changes. Downloads: source, windows installer.
27.2.2004 20:40.

Vanilla 3.0.4 beta2, NPPAngband 0.3.1, Xband 0.4, sound files and new comic
Robert Ruhlmann released beta 2 of upcoming Angband 3.0.4, here is a list of changes, windows installer and source codes. Final version should come in a week. Jeff Greene released NPPAngband 0.3.1, read announcement. More on the variants, Xis have Xband 0.4.0, check this post. Craig Oliver prepared new sound effects for Vanilla, check his post or go directly to the website. And Penance #5 is up.
25.2.2004 10:21.

OAngband 0.6.1 released
Bahman Rabii released new version of OAngband. It have a lot of changes, read announcement post, get sources or windows executable.
5.2.2004 10:40.

Angband 3.0.4 beta 1 released, Penance 4 up
First beta of new Vanilla release 3.0.4 was posted by Robert to Clockwork. Get downloads and list of changes from announcement post. Also, four panel of webcomic Penance is online.
2.2.2004 02:07.

We got RSS feeds
Mighty DarkGod whipped me into creating a RSS feeds of, so check out the XML icon on the left. We got The Ladder New Posts Feed, The Ladder new+updated Feed, Screenshots Feed and experimental New Threads On Feed. Feeds were tested with agregator Liferea, please report any problems.
29.1.2004 11:19.

NPPAngband 0.3.0, Xband 0.3.1, sCthangband 1.0.16, Gumband 2.2.3
New release of NPPAngband is available from it's homepage, check list of changes. Xband have new release - 0.3.1 - get the news and downloads from announcement. There's also new release of sCthangband - here's r.g.r.a post. New Gumband have number 2.2.3, get the sources or DOS binary from Clockwork.
26.1.2004 14:09.

PosBand 0.0.2, Xband 0.3.1
New variant, PosBand, is around, now in version 0.0.2. It's based on Vanilla 3.0.3 and it's goal is just to differ a little, maybe at a race or two. Another young variant, Xband, have version 0.3.1 available - read more in announcement.
19.1.2004 01:29.

Hengband 1.4.5 + 1.6.0, sCthangband 1.0.15, new webcomic
Mr. Hoge and Hengband developers team have released Hengband 1.4.5 and 1.6.0. Version 1.6.0 is now latest stable release. Get downloads from Hengband download page and check out announcement post. In more news, Kieron Dunbar released sCthangband 1.0.15, download here and read list of changes here. After long time, there is a new Angband webcomic, start reading Penance here.
13.1.2004 10:45.

Unangband 0.5.5 "New Years Resolution" released
This release includes a number of UI improvements, particularly for the Windows platform, which has working transparency for David Gervais' tiles and experimental iso-metric tiles support. Upgrading is recommended due a number of bugfixes in this release. You can find source files and windows executable at project page at BerliOS.
7.1.2004 14:22.

Multiband 1.1.1 released
New version of Multiband, a variant with multiple character classes, was released. Get source codes or windows binary and read list of changes.
29.12.2003 02:45.

T.o.M.E. 2.2.5 "They've Got Secret"
New release on stable branch of T.o.M.E. was made - get it while it's hot. Sources and windows installer are ready, same as a list of changes.
12.12.2003 14:41.

Preview of T.o.M.E. 3.0.0
Here is a screenshot from development code of T.o.M.E. featuring Bree in ISO-view using big tiles and small tiles. Check them out. First beta of T.o.M.E. 3 will come in a month, hopefully...
4.12.2003 18:08.

ZAngband 2.7.4 released
After long wait, new release in unstable branch of Z was made. See announcement post for a list of changes. Get your sources or windows binary.
20.11.2003 10:35.

T.o.M.E. 2.2.4 "A Bug's Life"
New bugfix release of Troubles of the Middle-Earth is out - here is a list of changes and here are downloads.
19.11.2003 10:06.

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