Chocolate Angband

Chocolate Angband is Angband 2.8.2 with a few flavorful additions, such as:

Morale -- now you must keep Mr. @ relatively happy

More realistic alcohol -- now there's a use for Pints of Fine Ale

Different food system -- eating food now takes longer, but eating lembas in the middle of battle is actually a viable tactic :)

Free Market system -- no more making a fortune off of wands that nobody uses, so the swimming in gold problem will be reduced

Download the source for Chocolate 2.8.3 here.

The somewhat smoother Chocolate 2.8.4 may be released as soon as 1 January 2004.


Chocolate Angband will in the future, I hope, support such things as:

Better distribution of monsters -- why is it that 7/8ths of all monster types are in the first 1/2 of the dungeon?