Which xtra-foo should you download? -----------------------------------------------------------

xtra-unix - Files for Unices. The main archive is only good if you want to compile curses or termcap on Unix. If you want graphics in Unix, download this

xtra-acn - Files for people using Acorn systems.

xtra-ami - Files for people using Amigas.

xtra-win - Files for M$ Window$.

xtra-emx - Files for OS/2. You need the EMX packages and ReXX installed for this to work.

xtra-dos - DOS files

xtra-xxx - Files for yet-unported systems

Once you've downloaded your preferred xtra-foo, decompress it and place the files in the /src directly

*NOTE: if you like curses or termcap in a UN*X (or faux-UN*X), as I do, just type {make; su (password); make install; ntang}, no need to download anything else.