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From: chadhogg <>
Subject: [V] Mid-level Mage Observations / Questions
Date: 2008-03-21 23:54:01
Agent: web gateway

I am playing a Dunadan Mage, currently level 36 with most stats at or close to
18/100 before race/class/equip bonuses, hanging around DL 40 until I get the
rest of those stats boosted to their maximums.  I recently noticed that, even
though I have a fairly bad weapon compared to the rest of my kit [Small Sword of
Westernesse (1d6) (+10, +8) (+1)], my physical attacks are remarkably effective.
I get 4 attacks with this light weapon, and seem to land 3 of them on average
against those creatures with which I dare to go toe-to-toe.  The average damages
for several things I can do appear below:

Single Attack = 1d6 + 27 = 30.5
Full Attack = 30.5 * 4 = 122
Magic Missile = 10d4 = 25
Acid Bolt = 15d8 = 67.5
Ice Storm = 122
Meteor Swarm = 48 * 3 = 144
Rift = 40 + 36d7 = 166

Is this usual?  I suppose once I find a copy of the last spellbook there will be
some more powerful attack spells in it, but otherwise it seems to me that all of
these damages will increase at roughly the same rate through the rest of the

Also, am I correct to say that Magic Missile is the *only* mage spell that does
non-elemental (that is, non-resistable) damage?

Also, can someone explain how damage on ball spells is calculated?  That is, if
Meteor Swarm does 122 damage, does that amount get divided among all creatures
it hits, or is that the amount that the center takes and enemies on the
periphery take some percentage of it?

Also, is it accurate of me to say that there is no ball-style spell other than
Stinking Cloud that does not risk destroying some type of items on the ground?

Also, the Ice Storm spell sounds like it should do cold damage, but I never get
a message about enemies that have cold resistance resisting it.  Is this message
just suppressed because I find out about them being dazed instead, or am I
actually bypassing their resistance?

Also, it is clear that some of the spells in Raal's do things other than their
damage.  For example, why does Meteor Swarm list its damage as 48x3 rather than
simply 144?  There must be something else going on that I am not seeing.


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