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From: will_asher <>
Subject: Re: [V] Mid-level Mage Observations / Questions
Date: 2008-03-22 02:22:28
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On 2008-03-21 23:54:01, chadhogg <> wrote:

> Also, can someone explain how damage on ball spells is calculated?  That is, if
> Meteor Swarm does 122 damage, does that amount get divided among all creatures
> it hits, or is that the amount that the center takes and enemies on the
> periphery take some percentage of it?
> Also, it is clear that some of the spells in Raal's do things other than their
> damage.  For example, why does Meteor Swarm list its damage as 48x3 rather than
> simply 144?  There must be something else going on that I am not seeing.

Meteor swarm is not a ball spell.  It fires three powerful magic missiles in the
same direction so that if it kills one monster, the other one or two missiles go
on to the monster behind it.  That is why it's listed as 48x3.

> Also, is it accurate of me to say that there is no ball-style spell other than
> Stinking Cloud that does not risk destroying some type of items on the ground?
There is also cloudkill, a more powerful version of stinking cloud.


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