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From: ditoLoco <>
Subject: Angband Windows graphic problem
Date: 2008-03-23 20:17:19
Agent: web gateway

I have downloaded angband-3.0.9b version and tried to play it. I am using XP.
Unfortunately, the graphic options are unavailable (gray color - i turn them
on). I downloaded a version with tiles, and i also downloaded manually 32x32
tiles. Whatever i do - playing with the config etc. the option graphic is still
unavailable (to be precise - graphics from menu is available, but all the
choices None, Old Tiles, Adam Bolt's etc. are gray and unavailable) Can someone
help me with this?

Angband Windows graphic problem 3 posts
..... ditoLoco 2008-03-23 20:17:19 9
.......... Andrew Sidwell 2008-03-29 12:38:35 14
............... JohnCW 2008-03-30 01:22:14 22

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