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As of March 31 2008, my ISP's USENET feed provider ceased to exist (buyout by another company). Since that date, I no longer have any access to the USENET. Therefore, I am forced to discontinue r.g.r.a frontend on website.

From: pete m <>
Subject: Balance issues in V-3.1.0
Date: 2008-03-25 05:30:45
Agent: G2/1.0

In the dev release, there have been four changes that have significant
impact on balance.

1.  good and great drops now have junk items mixed up in them. (I
don't mind Saruman dropping !Life and !Augmentation, but he shouldn't
drop junk like wands of magic missile and rings of aggravation.  Under
any circumstance.)
1a. Vaults with good or great items now have the same fraction of junk
as well.
2.  Autoscum is no longer available.
3.  Brand/Slay on arrows only affects the base dice.
4.  CCW no longer stocked in stores, but it cures 30% of HP.
4a. CSW cures 20% of HP.

When I played a High-Elf warrior with both Elessar and Cambeleg, I
could blast through just about anything even with a substandard
weapon.  Points 4 and 4a mean you can play like a paladin with a weak
but no-fail heal spell.

Now I'm playing Kobold Ranger, who has as many hit points as a Dunadan
Priest, but still with only the weak heal spells.  This would be fine
except ordinary ammo is worthless, even branded--it does about 200 pts/
turn with 3 shots. (60+ shots to take down a Wyrm.)   So I end up
playing an even weaker Paladin, and use Ingwe a lot on orc, troll, and
giant pits.

I don't know what the right solution is, but I figure it's time to
throw this out there.

Balance issues in V-3.1.0 2 posts
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