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As of March 31 2008, my ISP's USENET feed provider ceased to exist (buyout by another company). Since that date, I no longer have any access to the USENET. Therefore, I am forced to discontinue r.g.r.a frontend on website.

From: Kenneth 'Bessarion' Boyd <>
Subject: ![Zaiband] Zaiband 3.0.8 alpha released
Date: 2008-03-30 09:43:09
Agent: web gateway

Zaiband 3.0.8 alpha is now released, and is linked from .

From the changelog:
- monster recovery from stunning, confusion, and fear has been made
more consistent with player recovery.
- Line of sight/fire should be fully working now.  I adapted Tyrecius'
Permissive Field of View to V projection (relies on rational tangents as
proxy for angles)
- a very simplistic damage estimator is in place.
- As a matter of consistent English, jellies no longer look alive when you look
at them.  (Other descriptions already assumed they weren't.)
- from V: don't burn fuel during day in town
- from V: sound level normalization
- from V: disturb_minor option removed, forced always-on
- from V SVN: spellcasters always get at least one mana
- inspired by V SVN: launchers are also checked for multipliers.  Unlike V,
launcher multipliers are cumulative with those from ammunition.
** Bard gets KILL_DRAGON for mythos reasons
- from V SVN: bigscreen support for self-knowledge display
- from V SVN: player melee criticals also multiply the damage bonus from the
- inspired by Un, SSCrawl: player birth catches basic equipment holes.
** Any weapons or armor that can be equipped are equipped automatically
before starting play.
** Armor equipment slots are checked; if they aren't configured, a decidedly
cheap option is automatically granted.  If you don't start with gloves,
it's because they hurt your spellcasting.
- The sidebar needed some documentation; it's in the dungeon section
of the help files.
- smart_cheat documentation slightly updated.
- Display changes:
** Display converged to V backend (finally).
** Energy recovery per time tick is now its own line.
** Monster health display also includes maximum hit points.
- Monster recall changes:
** Breath weapons are now obvious.
** Known melee attacks that can kill the player in one blow are now
frightening, if one cares to check the monster recall.  At the moment,
this has no in-game effect.
** Melee attacks that automatically get supercriticals are obvious.
They are also frightening (with no in-game effect)
- monster attacks targeting inventory now automatically ignore
empty inventory slots.
- monster flowing adjusted: non-door openers will now not try to open doors
when a more feasible path exists and is fully visualizable by the monster.
- Pack AI adjusted: slot-filling behavior now occurs only when practical
- a monster failing to break a glyph of warding uses up its turn now.
- Noise changes:
** Bashing open doors is noisy enough to wake up monsters.  Even failing
to break open the door is noisier than simply walking.
** Monsters that cry out in pain (in various ways) are making noise.
** Objects destroyed on the floor are noisy.
For now, player inventory destruction isn't noisy.
- Energy changes:
** Diagonal energy move cost is 150.  Non-move commands do not use more energy
(in particular, attacking).  This was implemented by changing
the energy threshold to 150.
** A monster that wakes up has its energy set to zero.
** Player incapacitation locks down energy to zero.  (This may be
from paralysis, or being knocked out.)
*** An incapacitated player makes no noise.
- ideas from Eddie Grove, Timo Pietilla
** average pseudo-id remapped to automatic free identify.
** Weak psuedo-id characters get automatic free identify
on average wielded items.
** merely viewing an object in the store makes you aware of it.  Entering
the store is not enough, you must actually have it in view.
- bugfix: window options now take
- bugfix: dice sides larger than 255 no longer subject to modulo 256 truncation
(affects some dragon scale mails, etc.)

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