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From: Nick <>
Subject: ![FA, others?] ID and pseudo-ID
Date: 2008-03-31 08:59:38
Agent: web gateway

I am in the process of coming up with a general ID and pseudo-ID scheme for
FAangband, and would like some holes shot in it (particularly from people whose
initials are consecutive letters of the alphabet...).

This is the simple bit.  *ID* is gone.  ID remains as common as before, and
fully identifies every item.


This will be split into two parts - workmanship and magic.  To see why, consider

Changes to +/- modifiers

+ to skill, + to damage and + to AC are going to come in two varieties -
workmanship and magic.  These will be coded separately, but appear added
together to the player.  The workmanship values will be of the order of -3 to +7
(or bigger for artifacts), and will be unchangeable for the item (although I may
allow improvement as a service at the Weaponsmith/Armourer).  The magic values
will be potentially bigger in both directions, and increasable by Enchant
scrolls; typically items with a nett negative magical bonus would be cursed
(although I will probably alter curses a bit).  Maybe only ego items would get a
magical +.  So now we can return to the


All pseudo-ID will be instant.  Workmanship pseudo-ID will be strong for
warriors (and rogues, assassins, etc), giving five possibilities, labelled
something like terrible, bad, average, good, excellent.  The weak version of
this will just give good or bad.  Magic pseudo-ID will be strong for mages and
necromancers and weak for warriors, and I'm not sure for the other classes.
Strong will give cursed, nonmagical or enchanted; weak just magical or
nonmagical.  I'm not sure yet what chance an item will have to get pseudo-ID.

So a Holy Avenger would get magical pseudo-ID of enchanted (strong) or magical
(weak); it's workmanship pseudo-ID would probably be good, but could conceivably
be average (strong) or even bad (strong or weak).  So it might get an
inscription of {good, magical} from a warrior.

I might also have scrolls of Item Sensing (or something) which would be fairly
low-level but not stocked in shops, and which would pseudo-ID the player's
entire inventory - this would only make sense if the chance of an item pseudoing
were not 100%.

This is not very well-formed yet, but I'd like it criticised now before I go too
much further down a dead end.

"You are judging by social rules, and finding crime.  I am considering an
elemental struggle, and finding no crime, just grim, primeval danger." - The
Midwich Cuckoos, John Wyndham

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