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As of March 31 2008, my ISP's USENET feed provider ceased to exist (buyout by another company). Since that date, I no longer have any access to the USENET. Therefore, I am forced to discontinue r.g.r.a frontend on website.

From: Ernest Huang <>
Subject: [Animeband] Stepping down as maintainer
Date: 2008-03-31 20:16:25
Agent: web gateway

Nobody on rgra will care, but I'm posting this announcement here as well out of

Hello everyone,

I have decided that it is about time that I step down and let another
person take over the Animeband project. Frankly, I'm surprised that I
was able to keep up with it for 6 years, especially since the project
started off as a semi-joke.

However, life has finally caught up with me so I must retire now.
Furthermore, my coding skills have rusted to the point where it is now
somewhat difficult for me to code anything anymore. To that end, I
have named phatehon_h as the new Animeband maintainer, as he is a much
better coder than I am and also has some really neat ideas for the
direction of Animeband.

I will still be helping with some minor stuff from time to time, but I
will no longer be the lead maintainer. I hope all of you will support
Animeband now as you did when I was in charge of it.

The latest version of Animeband can be found at

Thank you all.

AKA Yumi_Saotome on #angband

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