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As of March 31 2008, my ISP's USENET feed provider ceased to exist (buyout by another company). Since that date, I no longer have any access to the USENET. Therefore, I am forced to discontinue r.g.r.a frontend on website.

From: Pav Lucistnik <>
Subject: rgra gateway discontinued
Date: 2008-04-02 14:42:21
Agent: Pan/0.132 (Waxed in Black)

I want to inform you that I have closed the web interface to r.g.r.a and
other r.g.r.~ newsgroups on website. The company 1) that
was providing my ISP with the usenet feed got bought out by a competitor
and the feed ceased to work.

If anyone could arrange a non-binary, free of charge newsfeed for my ISP,
I would be very grateful.

1) Supernews. Thanks! It was good while it lasted.

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