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As of March 31 2008, my ISP's USENET feed provider ceased to exist (buyout by another company). Since that date, I no longer have any access to the USENET. Therefore, I am forced to discontinue r.g.r.a frontend on website.

From: "" <>
Subject: RogueSDL v1.0.0.0 Released
Date: 2007-12-24 06:08:46
Agent: G2/1.0

Hey, folks. First post to RGRA for me, and I come bearing "stuff."

I've just finished work on the first release of my Roguelike rendering
engine for the Mono and .NET Frameworks, RogueSDL. As the name
suggests, it uses the SDL libraries (through SDL.NET) in order to
display graphics. I've tried to make it as utterly simple to use as
possible, and I think I've largely succeeded.

Currently there is no documentation for it, but I will be writing that
up in the next couple of days. RogueSDL is compatible with the .NET
2.0 and .NET 3.5 Frameworks.

Features include:

-Sizable window; the library will create a drawing surface of
appropriate size for the dimensions you specify
-24-bit color; the renderer does not colorize on the fly but instead
archives colorized tiles for faster rendering
-Input system that captures mousewheel, mouseclick, and keyboard
events; can be used in a blocking or non-blocking way

You can get RogueSDL at my homepage:

I'd love to hear from anyone interested in future development or with
interest in using RogueSDL in their own projects.

Ed Ropple
RogueSDL Creator, Maintainer

RogueSDL v1.0.0.0 Released 1 post
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