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As of March 31 2008, my ISP's USENET feed provider ceased to exist (buyout by another company). Since that date, I no longer have any access to the USENET. Therefore, I am forced to discontinue r.g.r.a frontend on website.

From: "" <>
Subject: RogueBasin account creation disabled?
Date: 2006-05-14 05:48:25
Agent: G2/0.2

A few months ago, copx wrote that it was time that RogueBasin
deactivate account creation. It seems as though it's now disabled, as
it seems from the Sign In link at there
is no way to create an account.

Wikipedia user Kernigh who is not a roguelike developer has asked me if
there is a way for me to get him an account.

Why don't we re-enable account creation and set up a
distorted-image-style Turing test to make sure bots do not add links to
pages as

See for the Turing test
extension. The README file states how easy it is to install.


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