en The Angband Ladder http://angband.oook.cz/ladder.php http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18143 Calia II, Angband L41 Mage High-Elf <p>By yyt16384</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18165 Gobbet, Oangband L50 Warrior High-Elf <p>By HallucinationMushroom</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Finally! I raided several vaults yesterday and today and finally found Himring and Soulkeeper to cover nether. Maybe nether isn't that big of a deal? I'm not sure, but damned if Morgy kills me at two stars to another nether attack. The Aman cloak was also a lucky find so I could swap in Soulkeeper while only losing lightning resist. I never could work in Calris, or this really neat looking Scythe of Slicing randart. Too bad it didn't have any real slay or brand... but even at 6d9 a really nice weapon... in tandem with ele-branding scrolls it would be AMAZING. I, unfortunately, was married to lightning resist all fucking game. But, a 4d8 mace of disruption of shocking isn't too shabby! Also, gloves or boots just never materialized, and not for a lack of looking or looting or killing either. I mean, I might as well be bootless and gloveless here. <br /> <br /> The Morgy fight was rather anti-climactic. He managed to summon right at the very end, and brought some useless undead and a non-scary unique. The runes of protection helped some, and he even made useful rubble to stand in. He knocked me to 600 about twice. My permaspeed this loaded down was +15, but it quickly shot to over 30 with speed and damage. I phased and used healing potions, and the 5 Life and 1 *heal* I didn't really need, but drank them just because, why not... shit, they looked tasty. <br /> <br /> I doubt I'll win the competition, with others being so much faster with plenty of days to go, but not really the reason I wanted to play. I saw that Debo made a strong character so I said, screw it, why not?! I've always wanted to win O. About 5 years ago I said, I would like to win Un, O, and Nethack and this was the last of those. Not the prettiest victory... I store scummed pretty hard. Once I did it once I couldn't stop! I probably bought the magic store out about 5 times, but 4 and 5 maybe 15 times each? That's pretty exploitative, I suppose, but I give zero shits. If you want to tack on an extra 10,000,000 million turns to my comp character for that then go for it. Alls I know is I'm going to sleep good tonight! :) Thingol too. That poor thing has activated about as much as possible since I found it. MVP, Thingol. <br /> <br /> </p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18054 Beleth, TomeNET L56 Mindcrafter Dunadan <p>By clouded</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Got this up to CL56, but not sure I'll continue it due to not have any innate resistance or healing, it makes playing this deep a bit of a chore.<br /> <br /> Mindcrafters are not bad though, the Psi Storm spell does great damage over time and stuns things, Kinetic Shield is very effective at reducing melee damage, however it requires much more MP than my 205... Hm, now that I think perhaps I might keep going with this character, I just need better equipment.</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18176 Soma, TomeNET L54 Ranger Dunadan <p>By clouded</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: (CL54)<br /> <br /> Ranger using nature for healing and trees and conveyance for probability travel. Maxing conveyance I should be able to attempt some Nether Realm leveling when the time comes. <br /> <br /> My HP and damage aren't up to scratch yet so I need gear improvements, even at -2200 Angband (which is actually depth 110, monster power scales up past DL100) I'm struggling with wyrms of power.</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18170 Draelor, PosChengband L31 Warlock Draconian <p>By wobbly</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Should of teleported</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18159 Wallflower, PosChengband L43 Monster Xorn <p>By murphy</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: If you want to fight friendly monsters, use + and attack.</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18175 Aewe, Angband L38 Priest Dwarf <p>By &lt;toadsterboy@yahoo.com&gt;</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Oops</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18173 AardvkII, Angband L39 Priest Dwarf <p>By Thraalbeast</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Met the Tarrasque once again. Already. Possibly Nomad's special rooms has impact. </p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18174 Gobbet2, Oangband L19 Warrior High-Elf <p>By letslaugh</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Initial dive results.</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18158 Heawyr, ToME L42 Demonologist Dwarf <p>By AmyBSOD</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Found Gothmog's blade! Now I can actually kill an aether vortex in one round... sometimes. :) Also got all the divination and Eru spells up and running, and thanks to my fire immunity the books shouldn't be in danger either. Plus more item luck - the randart armor I found isn't quite as good as the one I saw in the black market, but it's the next best thing. Immunity to the most annoying element in the game, YAAAAAAAAAAY! :)<br /> <br /> There were some nasty speed bumps though. Princess quest for 5 lesser black reavers who disenchanted all my gear. Blah. And then there was the Hel-dragon, also as part of a princess quest, whom I totally underestimated. He seemed like a tough melee monster at first but then he breathed unresisted nether at me. All I can say is, I'm lucky he didn't roll max damage because that would have killed me outright (I didn't have resist nether yet at that point). And Mordor:49 has yet another potentially dangerous princess quest: this time I'll have to rescue her from Kerstin, the black belt in taekwondo... she's level 50 and appears in multiples, plus the game seems to be spawning all sorts of nasty unique monsters on the deeper Mordor levels anyway. Add a vault with granite walls and monsters that can bore through them and this could get messy real fast.<br /> <br /> Well, I sure hope I'll find the last Gothmog set item, that would be so cool. And maybe I can also turn the -20 to luck on the blade around by repeatedly uncursing it? That can sometimes happen, right? Oh, and I didn't mention the Lothlorien spiders quest, or did I? Well... the normal araneas were much more dangerous than the elders, and that's not a joke. At least the elders would actively come to me so I can hack them up, but normal araneas hang back in their annoying forest waiting for me to step into line of sight and then they all curse at me for massive damage. I'm just so very glad that I can fly and sneak up on them through their own forest! :D</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18151 Gobbet, Oangband L43 Warrior High-Elf <p>By clouded</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Getting bogged down in demon pits around DL50</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18152 Gobbet, Oangband L50 Warrior High-Elf <p>By elliptic</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Killed Sauron without wasting any potions of healing. Also found a bunch of stuff that I need to *ID* (mainly from a GCV). There is a cool 6d9 scythe of slicing randart at home, but it isn't as good as Ringil.</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18172 Isir II, Angband L47 Mage Elf <p>By Ingwe Ingweron</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Morgoth finally goes down. I think he summoned more than any other time I've faced him. It was nearly constant. Take a few swings, shots, or spells, and then banish or mass banish. Sometimes several times in a row. Nonetheless, as powerful as @ had become, even with lowish hp's it wasn't very difficult to take out the Big Boss. This @ already has wielded The One. Immediately after this post, @ will don the Massive Iron Crown and there will be a new Dark Lord in town! :)</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18171 HolyBoy, Angband L50 Paladin Dunadan <p>By Egavactip</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: My second win. Got really lucky on the items and became invincible. </p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18164 Happy Merchant, PosChengband L50 Rune-Knight [Demon-Lord] <p>By Tyrael</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Yesssss</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18169 Sage, Sil L141371786 no-class Edain Hador <p>By Sage</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: I wanted this to be a disconnected-stairs game, but my prefs reconnected the stairs after I saved and restarted for the first time. Ho hum.<br /> <br /> Anyway, 30 treasure charges made this dude quite buff, along with the other fun things I found along the way.</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18168 Horror, PosChengband L23 Monster Possessor <p>By Arjen</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Did need to play another possessor again. It was too long.<br /> <br /> Had a decent start, but the last few levels I got really lucky with the corpse drops. Got some nice damage now.</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18153 Mauf, PosChengband L38 Magic-Eater [Beastman] <p>By wobbly</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: ooo 6 rods of healing!</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=18167 Gobbet, Oangband L21 Warrior High-Elf <p>By debo</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: A pity, it was just starting to get sort of fun. I like the combat/feat system in oangband, but unfortunately everything else about it is pretty much garbage. <br /> <br /> Easy improvements would be to have monsters actually drop things, chill the fuck out with blindness and status effects, and keep important consumables actually stocked in the stores so you don't have to descend into the dungeon without any ?Recall.<br /> <br /> </p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16831 Maelon Unway, Angband L16 Rogue Half-Elf <p>By &lt;TheOtherMITZE@yahoo.com&gt;</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Can't believe I uploaded the wrong dump!</p>