en The Angband Ladder http://angband.oook.cz/ladder.php http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16989 Borgor, PosChengband L6 Warlock Golem <p>By Hiltar</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: At least this one won't die poisoned...</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16986 Hugo$oul 3533, PosChengband L27 Monster Possessor <p>By HugoTheGreat2011</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Game over again...<br /> <br /> -> Sabre-tootth tiger [poss-out at clvl 25]<br /> -> Water troll [clvl 25, swamp north of Angwil] (clvl 25)<br /> -> Deep one [clvl 25, swamp north of Angwil] (clvl 25 - 26)<br /> -> Mystic [clvl 26, Glass castle 40] (clvl 26 - now)</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16988 Tank, Sil L19080796 no-class Noldor Fingolfin <p>By &lt;j_greg_m@comcast.net&gt;</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Ignore the name. This guy doesn't have a real name right now.<br /> <br /> This is my first time making it to 950', so I'm putting this up to get ya'lls advice on how I should proceed, because I am very nervous. I'm planning on reloading and repeating 950' as often as I can before Min Depth is 1000', and to conserve my EXP while I wait to see what kind of stuff I can get. I'm hoping to be able to keep using my lovely new sword while avoiding having to take "Mind Over Body" (2500 exp).<br /> <br /> The only thing I know to do so far is to follow the advice of the player whose build I'm copying, and to start changing out some of my equipment so I can get some melee accuracy back (the Kite Shield and Greaves look like prime candidates).</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16987 Druid, TomeNET L30 Druid Elf <p>By &lt;kurzel.tomenet@gmail.com&gt;</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Running around a dark arena before Menegroth, weighed down by loot, using the slow but fire immune multi-hued hound form instead of minotaur. Engaged the dragonrider but force hounds blasted me from the dark, so I grew trees to block their line of sight, took a couple casts. Perhaps I could've survived with phases and more trees instead of reflexively spamming slow cure critical potions. Even sprinting might have been better at that point. Having a safe loot stash and trap detect is essential for IDDC, since you really need that $ but are otherwise fatally slow carrying it around. :p</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16982 Daemius, PosChengband L34 High-Mage [Demon] <p>By chris</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16985 Mithrie, Angband L50 Priest High-Elf <p>By Estie</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Archer priest.</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16983 Hugo$oul 3524, PosChengband L32 Monster Possessor <p>By HugoTheGreat2011</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: I hate AMHDs!</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16984 San, PosChengband L28 Priest Half-Titan <p>By hjklyubn</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Meanwhile, I've realized that ranged combat is quite powerful when you have an inexhaustible supply of +7 ammo...</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16891 Einoel, Angband L50 Mage High-Elf <p>By Einoel</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: After 7 potions of Healing, 4 potions of restore mana, 36 charges of my wands of Annihilation and some Mana Storms/Chaos Strikes the quest has been fulfilled. Of course I've also used some Phase Doors and a lot of Mass Banishments for all the summoning.</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16924 Soylent Red, Angband L46 Warrior Dwarf <p>By deepcut</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16960 Soulkeeper, PosChengband L50 Monster Possessor <p>By chris</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Normal : 802 (444-1160)<br /> <br /> ^ Definitely end-game caliber :)</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16981 Scoonk XI, Angband L32 Mage High-Elf <p>By scoonk</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: So far my best attempt. Any tips? Should I dive deeper really carefully, or should I stay for a while until I find some !CON and gather more HP?</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16980 Howl, TomeNET L31 Druid Human <p>By hjklyubn</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16881 Horrifying Fate, PosChengband L30 Time-Lord Tonberry <p>By Nivim</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: (I just needed to put the tag in a new post [I hope].) (CL30)<br /> <br /> Considering the ease of the vault quest, I moved onto the next in the chain-- it was almost easier, except one turn where an emperor wight and a couple other wights all successfully cursed me at once-- they'd hit the amulet of Mr. T too, draining mana. Found enlightenment, healing (3), curing (5), a point of constitution, and The Cloak of Champion [1,+20] {So;SiLu Merry} (house junk).<br /> <br /> It was at this point I noticed I still didn't have any fire resist, and so it's back from quests to vaulting. (A blkmkt wisdom potion while supplying, but it only gave me 0.6 of a point.)<br /> <br /> I chose the Icky Caves for my vaults, and after some supplies and more junk artifacts, I dived to the bottom and Ubbo-Sathla was not the most dangerous thing; that would have been the Seraph and the summoned Death Quazit that were in the same 2-wide, ~20-long hallway...which was also the only teleportable space in the place.<br /> Then the worst part of all was when that purple 'h' unqiue seemed to appear out of nowhere and surround me with a bunch of strong monsters including a fallen angel; I got shot with mana bolts a few times before reaching the stair.<br /> Finally, what was nearly as bad was the Great Crystal Drake, Dark Elf Sorceror, and Magma Elemental guarding the pattern vault I was using to round out my loot and leave; I really, really need fire resist.<br /> I think I'm going to get it from this;<br /> a Trident (Defender) (1d8) (+10,+11) [+8] (+3 to stealth) {Sl;AcElFiCoPo;FaSiLv(In}<br /> even if I have to sacrifice some wisdom for it, it's unwise to go without.</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16979 Arwald, PosChengband L2 Chaos-Warrior Barbarian <p>By Hiltar</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: Well it didn't last long!!<br /> Nahrjan awarded me a Kopesh on Level up but didn't even had time to Identify it...Poison is nasty.</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16978 Arievor, Sil L7095339 no-class Noldor Finarfin <p>By &lt;x@cyang.info&gt;</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16977 Iryon, Sil L9095069 no-class Noldor Feanor <p>By &lt;x@cyang.info&gt;</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16976 Waffles, TomeNET L27 Mimic Draconian <p>By murphy</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: playing a mimic but pretty strong in regular form, 3 blows with the gondolin axe and immune to electricity.<br /> <br /> i left 1000ft with 4? teleport and 20 !CCW but the hounds obliterated all of them. no healing left so it was probably a bad idea to tunnel into that vault. xp was already drained badly as well by an oriental vampire that came out of the vault</p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16968 zeme, PosChengband L27 Magic-Eater Demigod <p>By JohnCW9</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: I just did the vault completely for the first and having a demi-god with the restidtyr magic and wow it was tough. </p> http://angband.oook.cz/ladder-show.php?id=16975 Karg, Angband L50 Warrior Half-Troll <p>By Estie</p> <p><b>Comment</b>: YAHTW. She found not one, but two artifact weapons that were better than a MoD +2 attacks. In the end I used neither of those though because off-weapon branding and slaying turned this staff into a topic for the randart thread.</p>