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a Lochaber Axe (Holy Avenger) (3d8) (+18,+17) [+4] (+1 attack)                                                        
Archon              Item Attributes:                                                                                  
Esper          It affects your wisdom.                                                                                
LEVEL     43   It affects your attack speed.                                                                          
EXP   228255   It strikes at demons with holy wrath.                                                                  
AU   1426471   It strikes at undead with holy wrath.                                                                  
|) =="*[(]]]   It fights against evil with holy fury.                                                                 
STR : 18/208   It sustains your intelligence.                                                                         
INT!: 18/110   It makes you completely fearless.                                                                      
WIS : 18/201   It allows you to see invisible monsters.                                                               
DEX : 18/188   It has been blessed by the gods.                                                                       
CON : 18/169   [Press any key to continue]                                                                            
CHR!: 18/130                                                                                                          
Cur AC   153                                                                                                          
HP  752/ 752                                                                                                          
SP  279/ 279                                                                                                          
Day 30 10:04                                                                                                          
*ID* of the holy avenger +1 attack
This just goes with the weapon comparison screen dump, this is for a specific person I'm showing, but anyone can see obviously.

Posted on 26.3.2006 05:44

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