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a Diamond Edge (7d5) (+13,+20) (+4 to searching)                               
Shadow-Fairy        Item Attributes:                                           
Chaos Lord     It can be activated for...                                      
LEVEL     50   stinking cloud (12), rad. 3, every 4+d4 turns                   
EXP 20963949   ...if it is being worn.                                         
AU   1097396   It affects your strength.                                       
|*}=="*[(]]]   It affects your wisdom.                                         
STR!: 18/***   It affects your searching.                                      
INT!: 18/140   It affects your ability to tunnel.                              
WIS!: 18/160   It poisons your foes.                                           
DEX!: 18/200   It is very sharp and can cut your foes.                         
CON!: 18/***   It is especially deadly against orcs.                           
CHR :  18/74   It is especially deadly against trolls.                         
Cur AC   179   It is especially deadly against natural creatures.              
HP  954/ 954   It provides resistance to acid.                                 
SP  289/ 315   It provides resistance to poison.                               
               It provides resistance to disenchantment.                       
               It warns you of danger                                          
               It has been blessed by the gods.                                
               It cannot be harmed by the elements.                            
               [Press any key to continue]                                     
Day 68 15:55                                                                   
Shog's Artifact Creation 3
Just can't seeem to get slay evil I guess...

Posted on 2.6.2006 16:29

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Ordinary Shog, L50 Shadow-Fairy Chaos-Warrior


On 3.6.2006 13:06 wrote:
No slay evil, but that's a pretty darn useful weapon.

Seen 1694 times.

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