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Based on your current abilities, here is what your weapons will do                                                         
  a Wizardstaff (Defender)              a Wizardstaff (Defender)                                                           
  Number of Blows: 3                    Number of Blows: 3                                                                 
  To Hit:  0  50 100 150 200 (AC)       To Hit:  0  50 100 150 200 (AC)                                                    
          95  86  72  58  44 (%)                95  86  72  58  44 (%)                                                     
(Only highest damage applies per monster. Special damage not cumulative.)                                                  
  Possible Damage:                      Possible Damage:                                                                   
   One Strike: 58-59 damage              One Strike: 58-59 damage                                                          
   One Attack: 174-177 damage            One Attack: 174-177 damage                                                        
 ESC) Exit building                                  Gold Remaining:    61849                                              
Melee Sorc!
Who says Sorcerers can't melee? He's got mana branding running, so he'd probably average more like 190 damage/round. If he found and equipped Spec, he'd probably be at 500 damage/round in melee with dual-wielded magestaffs, and up to 600 if he finds another ring of +2 attacks. That's almost good enough to be worth doing.

Posted on 30.6.2006 17:02

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On 30.6.2006 23:51 wrote:
Keep telling yourself that, Elliott. :P

On 1.7.2006 00:26 Atriel wrote:

On 1.7.2006 02:55 wrote:
Sadly, he died right after this, so we'll never know just how good a Sorcerer can be in melee.

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