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The Dagger 'Nimthanc' (E:60593, L:30) (1d4) (+33,+17)                                                                     
Swords are melee weapons.                                                                                                 
It's a bladed weapon. It's the standard weapon of rogues and thieves.  The blade is a foot long.                          
A frosty dagger finely balanced for deadly throws.                                                                        
It is sentient and can have access to the realms of Fire, Cold, Acid, Lightning, Poison.  It can be activated for frost   
bolt (6d8) every 7+d7 turns if it is being worn. It does extra damage from frost.  It can cause earthquakes.  It strikes  
at undead with holy wrath.  It fights against evil with holy fury.  It provides resistance to fire, cold and blindness.   
It slows your metabolism.  It produces a fiery sheath.  It cannot be harmed by acid, cold, lightning or fire.             
Using it you would have 7 blows and do an average damage per turn of 539 against evil creatures, 556.5 against undead,    
556.5 against non cold resistant creatures, 609 against cold susceptible creatures, 521.5 against other monsters.         
You found it in the remains of a Novice mindcrafter on level 33 of Maze.                                                  
DEX!      38  
CON:      40  
CHR!      34  
Cur AC   141  
HP  892/ 892  
SN  634/ 634  
SP  433/ 433  
MH  209/ 209  
Full                                             Fast (+28) Skill                                                   Bree  

Sentient weapon just got Earthquake brand
This the second senttient I have worn, the first one got exp drain and now eathquake brand.

Posted on 12.8.2006 00:33


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