The Angband Screenshots Gallery: Level 1 character at depth 127 by <>

Level      1                                                                                                                   
EXP        0                                                                                                                   
AU   1930191                                                                                                                   
STR:  18/1300                                                                                                                  
INT:  18/1210                                                                                                                  
WIS:  18/1210                                                                                                                  
DEX:  18/1220                                                                                                                  
CON:  18/1190                                                                                                                  
CHR:  18/1240                                                                                                                  
Cur AC   216                                                                                                                   
Max HP    26                                                                                                                   
Cur HP    26                                                                                                                   
Max SP     0                                                                                                                   
Cur SP     0                                                                                                                   
                                                                                                   L .......                   
Full                                             Fast (+47)           Lev 127                                                  
Level 1 character at depth 127
so lyk dis is me at teh leevl 127 n stuf

Posted on 13.10.2007 04:35


On 13.10.2007 12:28 Bandobras wrote:
Who would have thought Angband is popular among kindergarten kids?

On 13.10.2007 18:29 daven_26d1 wrote:
Oh well done. Soo clever.
It never ceases to amaze me how many 1337 ppl are out there who can hack/crack OPEN SOURCE software. Or edit text files.

On 13.10.2007 20:11 Djabanete wrote:
daven: I think the fact that his experience level is in yellow might give you a clue as to how this was done without hacking.

On 13.10.2007 21:19 Dragonboneman wrote:
1. Win
2. Go to 127
3. Rest (a lot) while wielding Palantir of Westernesse / the One Ring/ some other XP drainer.
4. Voila.
The real question is, "why?"

On 13.10.2007 23:59 Matthias wrote:
Question is more like "if" than "why". Considering the items in his inventory and the base stats of 3 i guess "likely not".

On 14.10.2007 00:02 Matthias wrote:
On the other hand the one's activation might be responsible for the lowered base stats, no idea what "strange things" is capable of.

On 14.10.2007 01:53 Djabanete wrote:
Actually the one ring has 4 activations (to my knowledge):
Mana Bolt
Mana Storm
[Mana Damage to everything in LOS]
Drain XP + Drain stat

He probably just hung around and drained himself repeatedly.

On 14.10.2007 13:44 Matthias wrote:
Well if permanently reducing stats isn't among strange things then I say hack

On 15.10.2007 06:44 wrote:
man, angband fans are some snarky yeeks

On 25.10.2007 19:58 Paffa wrote:
I'm not sure if I recall correctly but doesn't potions of ruination reduce stats permanently?

Seen 1846 times.

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