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You have an excellent feeling...                                                
Lorekeeper                                            ZGZ                       
LEVEL     36                                          ZZZZ                      
EXP  1086537                                         ZZZZZ                      
AU   2345830                                          ZZZZ                      
STR!      36                                                                    
INT:      28                                u                                   
WIS!      31                                #                                   
DEX!      35                                 .##                                
CON:      34                                 #@#                                
CHR!      37                                 ~..                                
Cur AC   150                                ....D                               
HP  593/ 593                               .....D~                              
SN  419/ 419                              .......~$                             
SP  137/ 137                             #........~.                            
Pt     85148                             #........~GG                           
MH  343/ 343                             #..~.~...GGGG                          
[**********]                             ##.#.##GGGGGG#u                        
                                                 Fast (+32) Skill       LTm -24 

Not Cirith Ungol (LTm -24)
I aborted my exploration of Cirith Ungol, so that I could seek the second piece of the lost relic of Manwe. This screenshot shows my entrance into the lost temple. I had only explored as deep as level 40 in other dungeons, but monsters of level 48 here confronted my Loremaster, Agrelaa. The two 'D' in this screenshot are companions of Agrelaa, and three of the 'G' are coaligned, but I still felt outnumbered. I did not want to be forced up the stairs (and possibly away from the relic piece), so I summoned more pets. They joined battle in these rooms, and my pets won, and Agrelaa lost not one HP.

Posted on 17.1.2008 01:29

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Agrelaa, L36 High-Elf Loremaster


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