The Entroband Screenshots Gallery: Took the Wrong Stairs by bonzo

Golem                                                               ###                                                       
Swordsman                                                   C CCCCCCCC..CCC                                                   
LEVEL     25                                               C C CCCCCC@C.C                                                     
EXP     7015                                               CCC hCCCCCCC.  C                                                   
AU     20342                                                 CC  CCCu~.CC                                                     
/)}=="~[(]]]                                                 CCCCCCCCC  CC   k                                                
Str :  18/40                                                   C C C C   C                                                    
INT :      3                                                 CC CCC CC CC                                                     
WIS :      3                                                 CC CCCC   CC                                                     
DEX : 18/101                                                                                                                  
CON : 18/115                                                                                                                  
CHR :     13                                                        C                                                         
Cur AC   122                                                                                                                  
HP  460/ 460                                                                                                                  
Day  6  3:58                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                       Fast(+1)         Lev 26
Took the Wrong Stairs
Took the stairs down to Castle L25 and found myself smack in the middle of a pit/nest of Irish wolfhounds of Flora, Werewolves, & Weirs. Quite a surprise. That's Bullroarer on the left. Was clearing it easily before an imp teleported me to DL27.

Posted on 4.7.2008 04:29


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