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The Small Leather Shield of Resist *Lightning* (+4,+3) [3,+17] (+4 to infravision) {StW
Half-Titan          Item Attributes:                                                   
Pope           A circular shield of cured animal hide stretched over layered           
LEVEL     50   wooden strips.                                                          
EXP 12847034   It affects your strength.                                               
AU    587592   It affects your wisdom.                                                 
\)}=="*[(]]]   It affects your charisma.                                               
STR!: 18/***   It affects your infravision.                                            
INT :     18   It provides immunity to electricity.                                    
WIS!: 18/***   It makes you completely fearless.                                       
DEX!: 18/140   It provides resistance to electricity.                                  
CON!: 18/***   It provides resistance to fire.                                         
CHR : 18/167   It provides resistance to poison.                                       
Cur AC   201   It provides resistance to shards.                                       
HP 1163/1163   It provides resistance to nexus.                                        
SP  286/ 418   It provides resistance to chaos.                                        
               It provides resistance to disenchantment.                               
               It allows you to levitate.                                              
               It induces random teleportation.                                        
               It cannot be harmed by the elements.                                    
Full           [Press any key to continue]                                             
Day282  0:40                                                                           
 PassWall Stn                                                                          
Not quite ... Better? Maybe. The slays aren't as high and no reflection, but its got more resistances, and a +4 wisdom. I'll settle for Diatribe and Tulkas at this point ;)

Posted on 11.9.2009 23:05

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