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[001]Target:a Shambler(Level 67, unhurt) [r, q,p,o,+,-,<dir>]                                      
Level     33                                                                                       
EXP    29766         EE  E E                                                                       
AU     46488     E   E E                                                                           
/|}=="*[(]]]   T E E E  E                                                                          
STR : 18/***     E EEEE   E                                                                        
INT :     16     EEE   E  E                                                                        
WIS :     18      #EEE  E                                                                          
DEX : 18/***    ###E   #                                                                           
CON!: 18/***     .E.##.                                                                            
CHR :  18/35     #E.E.E                                                                            
Cur AC   125      #E@#                                                                             
HP  806/ 806      +#..                                                                             
Day450 20:12                                                                                       
                                                                            Fast(+24)        Lev 93
Worst recall ever... a.k.a. why one should always carry ?oTeleportLevel
That's something like 20 Shamblers ready to breath on me!! (I aggravate) These guys have 5000 HP, so breath lightning for 1600 damage, with resistance that's 533 damage PER SHAMBLER. This is a case where even Teleporting is too risky.

Posted on 9.10.2009 10:28

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