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On the ground: The Vorpal Arrow of Dante (E:45, L:3) (3d3) (+18,+15).                                                                          
Arrows are the standard ammunition for bows.  You can carry them in your quiver if you have a bow equipped.                                    
An arrow to be shot with a bow, it is very sharp.                                                                                              
It is sentient.  It does extra damage from electricity and light.  It can cause damaging strikes.  It is especially deadly against dragons.    
It is especially deadly against giants.  It strikes at demons with holy wrath.  It strikes at undead with holy wrath.  It is especially deadly 
against natural creatures.  It cannot be harmed by acid, cold, lightning or fire.                                                              
You found it in the remains of a Master vampire on level 70 of Angband.                                                                        
STR!      40 z 
INT!      40  
WIS!      40 ] 
DEX!      40  
CON!      40  
CHR!      40  
Cur AC   161 p 
HP 3140/3140 {\ 
SN 1096/1096  
SP 1186/1186 \ 
MH 1000/1000 {{ 
Full                            DTrap            Fast (+60)                                                                              Crypt 

Sentient arrow (Furyband)
Fiirst one I have seen, was in the Crypt in Angband.

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