The Hengband Screenshots Gallery: Insane Caster Boots by kingvictory2003

The Pair of Hard Leather Boots of the Gods [3,+11] (+4 to speed) {SpInWiSlIf;Li
Half-Titan          Item Attributes:                                           
Conjurer       A set of sturdy leather boots that will last many weary         
LEVEL     29   miles.                                                          
EXP    34037   It affects your intelligence.                                   
AU     14025   It affects your wisdom.                                         
/     ![(]]]   It affects your stealth.                                        
STR :  18/15   It affects your infravision.                                    
INT : 18/154   It affects your speed.                                          
WIS : 18/100   It sustains your wisdom.                                        
DEX :     12   It provides resistance to light.                                
CON :  18/73   It provides resistance to confusion.                            
CHR :     12   It cannot be harmed by the elements.                            
Cur AC    88   [Press any key to continue]                                     
HP  358/ 358                                                                   
SP  194/ 194                                                                   
Day  5  5:58                                                                   
Insane Caster Boots
133,645 gold at the armor store. Never seen better myself, for a caster.

Posted on 4.4.2010 04:35

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On 4.4.2010 23:10 chris wrote:
Nice ... but they are missing +4 con!

Seen 1115 times.

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