The Chengband Screenshots Gallery: Bloody Destruction by chris

Based on your current abilities, here is what your weapons will do                                                    
  The Scimitar 'Soulsword'              The Long Sword 'Werewindle'                                                   
  Number of Blows: 11                   Number of Blows: 11                                                           
  To Hit:  0  50 100 150 200 (AC)       To Hit:  0  50 100 150 200 (AC)                                               
          95  89  78  66  55 (%)                95  89  78  67  56 (%)                                                
(Only highest damage applies per monster. Special damage not cumulative.)                                             
  Possible Damage:                      Possible Damage:                                                              
   One Strike: 108-116 damage            One Strike: 111-119 damage                                                   
   One Attack: 1188-1276 damage          One Attack: 1221-1309 damage                                                 
  Animals:Attack: 1221-1441 damage      Evil:   Attack: 1243-1419 damage                                              
  Evil:   Attack: 1210-1386 damage      Demons: Attack: 1265-1529 damage                                              
  Undead: Attack: 1232-1496 damage      Elec:   Attack: 1254-1474 damage                                              
  Demons: Attack: 1232-1496 damage                                                                                    
  Dragons:Attack: 1232-1496 damage                                                                                    
 ESC) Exit building                                  Gold Remaining:   184276                                         
Bloody Destruction
Of course, I'm pushing up my power in the safety of the town. By default, I am something like 30% accurate vs. AC 150, and 17% accurate vs. AC200. But add in Heroism, Blessing, Berserk and a Deep Gash, and this is what happens! I still need to build up both weapon and dual wielding skill, though ...

Posted on 26.11.2010 15:30

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