The Chengband Screenshots Gallery: Wizardstaff of Gandalf by kingvictory2003

The Wizardstaff of Gandalf (3d2) (+10,+13) (+4)                                                               
                    Item Attributes:                                                                          
 Vanerion (Ha  The staff of the great wizard Gandalf.  It is tall and                                         
               sturdy, with rough-hewn runes that invoke the element of                                       
               Earth, and which strikes down all creatures who live in the                                    
               shadow of mountains.                                                                           
               It can be activated for...                                                                     
               probing, detection and full id every 100 turns                                                 
               ...if it is being worn.                                                                        
               It affects your intelligence.                                                                  
               It affects your wisdom.                                                                        
               It affects your charisma.                                                                      
               It affects your searching.                                                                     
               It does extra damage from fire.                                                                
               It is especially deadly against orcs.                                                          
               It is especially deadly against trolls.                                                        
               It fights against evil with holy fury.                                                         
               It powerfully strikes at a monster using your mana.                                            
               It decreases your mana consumption.                                                            
 a) Research   It provides resistance to life draining.                                                       
 i) Identify   It provides resistance to fire.                                                                
               It provides resistance to blindness.                                                           
               It provides resistance to confusion.                                                           
 ESC) Exit bu  It provides resistance to nether.                                                              
               It provides permanent light. (radius +1)                                                       
               It allows you to see invisible monsters.                                                       
               It slows your metabolism.                                                                      
               It speeds your regenerative powers.                                                            
               It cannot be harmed by the elements.                                                           
               [Press any key to continue]                                                                    
Wizardstaff of Gandalf
Very rare, but wow is it nice!!

Posted on 25.12.2010 21:39

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On 26.12.2010 21:12 chris wrote:
You know, my mindcrafter really really wants one of those ...

Seen 1090 times.

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