The FAangband Screenshots Gallery: I think i'll leave by Adley

Warrior                                                           d                                     
Duke                                                             d                                      
LEVEL     45                                                   dddd dd                                  
NEXT   37555                                                 ddd dddddd                                 
AU   1137685                                               ddddd d  dd                                  
                                                           dd d ddd                                     
STR!  18/210                                              d  d dd d                                     
INT:  18/125                                                 dd d d  d                                  
WIS:  18/129                             W                  ddd dddd                                    
DEX!  18/200                                              dddddd                                        
CON!  18/210                                                 dddd  d                                    
CHR!   18/70                               V               d  d  d                                      
Dragon                                                     dd                                           
Cur AC   151                                             dddddd                                         
HP   908:908                                             ###                                            
Full Fast (+11)              [t][h][f][<][Mgc][Rest][Inv][Std][Rpt][Spc][Ent][ESC] Tol-In-Gaurhoth 52   
I think i'll leave
Hello ethereal dragons. goodbye etheral dragons.

Posted on 1.1.2011 22:44

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On 2.1.2011 11:07 qwerty wrote:
Sounds like a good idea to me!

Seen 927 times.

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