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On the ground: a Blade of Chaos (Holy Avenger) (6d5) (+17,+13) (+2).                                                                       
Swords are melee weapons.                                                                                                                  
A mighty sword which seems to be completely blunt. However, it is a conduit into the realms of pure chaos and strikes its victims with the 
devastating might of chaos itself whenever it connects. It gives you resistance to chaos and it can polymorph, teleport, confuse or drain  
hit points from the monster you hit. It occasionally causes earthquakes as well.                                                           
It increases your wisdom by 2.  It produces chaotic effects.  It strikes at demons with holy wrath.  It strikes at undead with holy wrath. 
It fights against evil with holy fury.  It sustains your constitution.  It provides resistance to chaos.  It allows you to see invisible   
monsters.  It has been blessed by the gods.                                                                                                
It was given to you as a reward.                                                                                                           
INT!      40  
WIS!      40  
DEX!      40  
CON!      40  
CHR!      40  
Cur AC   170  
HP 1700/1716 \ 
SN 1318/1318  
SP 1801/1802 \ 
MH 1049/1049  
Full                                             Fast (+34)                                                                         Ang 69 

Blade of Chaos (Holy Avenger)
I have heard of such weapons but I think this might first one I have seen,

Posted on 21.4.2011 20:24


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