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a Sorcerous Amulet of Brilliance (-22,-58)(160%)(160%) (+8)                                                                                 
Amulets are fine pieces of jewelry, usually imbued with arcane magics.                                                                      
This talisman grants a sharper wit, greater insight and brightness to light dark places.                                                    
It provides light (radius 1) forever.  It increases your intelligence, wisdom and spell power by 8.  It increases your mana capacity and    
hit points by 160%.  It cannot be harmed by acid, cold, lightning or fire.                                                                  
You found it in the remains of a Mature blue dragon on level 90 of Halls of Waiting.                                                        
AU    206954  
STR:      40  
INT:      40  
WIS:      40  
DEX:      40  
CON!      40  
CHR:      40  
Cur AC   163  
HP 3068/3068 ' 
SN  911/ 911 | 
SP 1131/1131 | 
Normal                          DTrap            Fast (+35) Skill                                                                    HWa 89 

A good amulet chage- before
This what happen when a item like this is cursed and then uncursed.

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