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The Munchkin ('l')/(''): [(r)ecall, ESC]                                                                                                   
You have killed at least 1 of these creatures.  This annoying little gnome won't stop bragging about his great magical powers and shiny new 
equipment--unless someone silences him permanently.  Unfortunately, your own weapons and spells  don't seem to work as well as they should  
on this fellow...  He is normally found on level 60, and moves a bit erratically, and quickly.  A kill of this creature is worth 19354.84   
points for a 62nd level character.  He is an immortal being.  He resists poison.  He may carry up to 12 exceptional objects.  Nothing is    
known about his attack.                                                                                                                     
STR!      26  
INT!      39  
WIS!      40  
DEX!      40  
CON!      40  
CHR!      36  
Cur AC   157  
HP 1134/1134  
SN 1152/1152  
SP 4608/4608 ) 
Normal                          DTrap            Fast (+54)                                                                          Ang 69 

The only munchkin (unless you playing one) is a dead one.

Posted on 31.7.2011 02:07


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