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6 Seeker Bolts of Alarnol (4d5) (+10,+11) (+3 attacks)                                                                         
Bolts are the standard ammunition for crossbows.  You can carry them in your quiver if you have a crossbow equipped.           
Precision-made arrows, which allow to hit exactly the vulnerable place of an opponent one aimed at. You can use it for         
'f'iring a bow.                                                                                                                
It provides light (radius 1) forever.  It increases your intelligence, dexterity and attack speed by 3.  It produces chaotic   
effects.  It drains life from your foes.  It is a great bane of dragons.  It cannot be harmed by acid, cold, lightning or      
It can never be broken.                                                                                                        
Using it with your current shooter you would do an average damage per shot of 555 against dragons, 111 against other monsters. 
INT!      40  
WIS!      39  
DEX!      40  
CON!      40  
CHR!      36  
Cur AC   153  
HP 2267/2267  
SN  905/ 905  
SP  666/ 666  
MH  600/ 600  
Full                                             Fast (+56)                                                        Lothlorien  

Look what I got from a chest trap

Posted on 5.4.2012 01:01


On 5.4.2012 02:31 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Time to wield these Seeker Bolts for the extra attacks! ...+3 attacks!

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